Education sector trains students

with SchemBAT software


The URMA PACA campus (Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat) offers a wide range of training courses for the construction industry, from CAP to BAC+3.
The CFAR branch in Digne-les-Bains offers apprenticeship training for CAPs and BPs (Brevet Professionnel) in the electrical branch.
The establishment has acquired SchemBAT electrical CAD software licenses to train students in best practices in the electrical building sector.

Teacher Franck Q. explains:

After training at FTZ in the use of SchemBAT software, our teachers in turn train students on concrete projects. Starting from a house plan, they design a standardized electrical installation in SchemBAT:
layout, wiring, diagram and panel.
They define the high/low currents and add KNX home automation devices for energy management, lights, shutters, etc.
Then they put their electrical studies into practice, wiring a 3D cell with false ceilings, walls and floor.

SchemBAT enables them to use electrical design software in real-life conditions, just as if they were working in a professional environment.

Other establishments have also chosen SchemBAT software: High schools, CFA, CFAI, CFAR, etc.

More information on the URMA PACA campus:

HRS reports on its experience

with SchemPID software


The media are increasingly reporting on developments in the production of carbon-free energy, particularly in the transport sector.
The battery-powered electric vehicle solution faces problems of charging time and limited range.
Hydrogen, with its fuel cell, is a developing alternative that solves both these problems, while being emission-free and using truly renewable energy.

But to charge with hydrogen, it is necessary to provide access to it and to network the territory. That’s where HRS and its famous filling stations come in.

HRS, or “Hydrogen Refueling Solutions”, is the first French company to mass-produce refueling stations for large-capacity fuel cell electric vehicles (200 kg to 2 tons). The company targets all types of vehicle, as well as the industrial sector.

To design its equipment and associated processes, the HRS technical department uses SchemPID software published by FTZ.

Amaury N. from HRS explains:

About a year ago, SchemPID CAD software was integrated into our design process, to produce our piping and instrumentation drawings. SchemPID provides us with up-to-date, standardized P&ID drawings. SchemPID automatically extracts the lists and bills of material linked to the diagrams for distribution to the various people concerned. The training provided by FTZ was carried out by one of the company’s experts in order to best meet our needs. It enabled us to define the basics of the schematics and the desired lists.

The support department is also responsive and attentive to our requests. SchemPID is well suited to our process, and we plan to extend its use to other applications in our company.

More information

Specialist in electrical installation for commercial and industrial buildings,

ELECTROFORCE reports use of SchemBAT software


Founded in 1976 in Gleizé (69), ELECTROFORCE carries out electrical installations for commercial and industrial buildings. The company operates throughout France.

After 24 years with the company, Mr. Timothée B. and 2 partners will take over ELECTROFORCE in 2021. These partners also own companies specializing in electrical installation and cabinet making. Today, ELECTROFORCE has around twenty employees and sales of just over 4 million euros.

Having risen from Design Office Manager to Managing Director, he explains why they’ve been using SchemBAT since 2008:

“At the time, we were looking for a more ergonomic schematic software than the one we had. I was approached by FTZ, who introduced me to SchemBAT. I found the software very interesting in its entirety, as it also allowed me to manage the drawings (layout) part of the installations.

Two people took the training, which was very professional. However, you need to use the software regularly to get a thorough grasp of the tool, as it offers a wide range of possibilities.

For our purposes, SchemBAT offers a number of advantages. It allows you to produce drawings and manage electrical diagrams at the same time. It also integrates supplier and manufacturer databases. It also allows us to use customized settings according to the specific needs of our company or activity.

More information on ELECTROFORCE

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