FAO acquires SchemELECT software


FAO specializes in the construction of complete plants for the agricultural, cereal and industrial sectors.

These plants are dedicated to the management of bulk cereals in the following phases: reception, cleaning, drying, handling, storage, dispatch.
To carry out the corresponding electrical studies, FAO‘s Automation and Electricity design office acquired several licenses of SchemELECT electrical CAD software.

Tanguy B., head of FAO’s electrical business, answers FTZ‘s questions.

FTZ: Why did you choose FTZ’s SchemELECT software?

The CAM company chose SchemELECT software on the basis of several key criteria:
– its simplicity and rapidity of use for drawing diagrams
– integrated export of parts lists
– its competitive pricing

FTZ: How does SchemELECT fit into your in-house software suite?

SchemELECT electrical CAD software feeds directly into our ERP system, thanks to its integrated BOM export.
This automatic gateway eliminates re-entry errors between departments. We can start purchasing components directly from the schematic information.

– FTZ: What do you think of the service provided by FTZ?

The user-friendliness of the product means that we don’t often need to call the hotline.
FTZ’s hotline is very satisfactory in terms of speed of response and the possibility of remote control on our workstations.

– FTZ: What can you say about SchemELECT‘s overall functions?

SchemELECT ‘s interactive functions (synoptic, terminal blocks, cables, cabinet, etc.) make it much easier to design and build the electrical and automation parts of our installations.

More information on FAO: www.fao.fr or on LinkedIn