Atlantique Industrie Group feedback on SchemPID


Atlantique Industrie Group is organized around 3 divisions: Engineering, Services and Distribution, and offers solutions and services in the water (potable water, wastewater) and waste (recovery, transformation, energy) sectors.

Théo D., in charge of software in the design office, explains:

Atlantique Industrie Group builds complete water or waste treatment plants, or responds to specific process issues (Hygienization / Relevage / Dehydration). We design, build, commission and provide after-sales service for our plants. We also offer plug&play equipment and skid rental solutions. We also work for quarries, irrigation and seawater.

To produce P&IDs, equipment lists and functional analyses for automation, we used general-purpose drawing software and ExcelTM. The main problem with this solution was the lack of links between the various software packages, which meant that we had to check the correspondence of information “by hand”, with the risk of errors in certain orders.

SchemPID is currently used by 5 people. Other team members will be trained in certain aspects of the software or in its entirety over the coming months. The database has been centralized on a server for common use.

SchemPID enables us to obtain relevant results and export our lists of equipment, instrumentation, piping and valves. This information is then passed on to our fitters and automation engineers, and of course to our customers. It also enables us to cross-check our information in the interests of quality.

The big advantage of SchemPID is that it has been designed and conceived to draw P&IDs with intelligence. It’s a powerful tool that updates information automatically, in both directions, and brings together in a single location most of the information we need for design, site and after-sales service.

As for FTZ’s service, the two training sessions we had were clear and precise, and the trainer answered all our questions on the day. I also appreciate the responsiveness of your support, whether in resolving problems or for technical questions. It’s a nice change from the big IT maintenance platforms I often deal with.

It’s also reassuring to know that the software is still evolving and that you regularly add new functions.

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