SNIE opts for SchemBAT and FTZ-BIM software


SNIE is one of France’s leading designers and builders of electrical installations for housing and construction. It achieves the performance of supplying over 10,000 homes a year.

To cope with its increased activity, it has equipped its entire design office with the SchemBAT software suite. SchemBAT is used to produce drawings, layouts, wiring diagrams, single-line diagrams and panels. It also extracts data for the manufacture of octopuses.

Always at the cutting edge of innovation and IT tools, it has just acquired the FTZ-BIM module to visualize its customers’ BIM digital mock-ups and integrate electrical data from SchemBAT.

Vincent E., from the Methods Department, explains:

We chose FTZ, and in particular the SchemBAT software, because it is the product that best covers our business for the design, manufacture and electrical installation of buildings.
The software is trully opened and it has enabled us to integrate it fully into our IT system, resulting in significant productivity gains.
What’s more, SchemBAT integrates BIM functions, which we use to meet our customers’ various specifications.”

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