NGSO SPIDER acquires SchemBAT software


NGSO SPIDER is a leader in the field of electrical prefabrication, thanks to its octopus or electrical spider pre-wiring concept. The company offers solutions for the residential and commercial sectors, for both professionals and private customers.

This activity requires CAD software to design electrical octopuses and prepare them for manufacture. After a comparative study, SPIDER decided to replace its outdated software with FTZ’s SchemBAT Octopus software.

Mr Lionel L, a draughtsman in the Electrical Design Office, explains:

SchemBAT Pieuvre is well suited to our activity. It’s easy to use, especially when it comes to lengths, choice of wire colors, etc… . It also has the advantage of automated functions, such as quantity surveys.

When we acquired the software, we benefited from a 3-day training session which was comprehensive and focused on our needs. On the other hand, as soon as I come across a specific case to deal with, I contact the FTZ maintenance department, which responds instantly and provides a rapid solution.

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