Ananké: SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D at the cutting edge of energy efficiency

Mohamad S. – Control engineer at ANANKÉ shares his experience with us.

FTZ: What kind of products does ANANKÉ produce?

We develop and integrate waste heat recovery technologies for industry.

Our KEOS cogeneration module houses our proprietary technology, which produces compressed air and useful heat from high-temperature waste heat from industrial processes.

Our ETNA measuring instrument assesses the potential for waste heat recovery, enabling us to identify the best technology available on the market before potential integration at the heart of an industrial site.

FTZ: Why did you choose SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D?

We chose FTZ software for its ease of use and competitive price, without compromising on performance.

After consulting a number of suppliers, this choice of software tools proved to be the best suited to our needs as an innovative startup.

How do these products add value to your design and manufacturing processes?

For SchemELECT

  • Efficiency, with alerts in the event of false wiring and, for example, the intersection of non-compatible wires.
  • Ease of drawing electrical diagrams
  • Automatic generation and modification of terminal blocks
  • Schematics in intelligent PDF format, facilitating the task of the cable installer and the verification of wiring by another person
  • Generation of a list of materials for easy quotation from suppliers
  • Track changes made after schematic validation and in the event of new modifications

For FTZ-Panel 3D

  • Evaluate the size of enclosures required for specific installations
  • Effective 3-dimensional functions to support the choice of the distribution of components in the enclosure.

What do you think of FTZ’s service?

The digital aids are detailed and easy to understand.

In addition, FTZ provides technical support that matches its software: fast, efficient and competent.

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