Electrical CAD software
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Computer-Aided Design Applied to Industrial Electricity
And Electrical Harnesses

The software in detail

SchemHARNESS assists you in creating the harness schematic by managing connectors, bundles, and splices.

The schematic uses dedicated and customizable libraries with advanced connector features such as copy/paste, drag and drop, and template diagrams to integrate symbols.

Automatic checks verify the coherence of the diagram: connections, unconnected pins, conflicts, and wire routing. Contacts are assigned in real-time.

It also provides online verification of the diagram for short circuits and identifications. Additionally, it offers a powerful customizable wire numbering algorithm.

Connectors are defined graphically with direct extraction of information from the schematic, allowing for smooth and accurate harness design.

SchemHARNESS, a powerful software dedicated to electrical harness design, is complemented by the FTZ-Harness 3D module to offer an even more advanced experience. The FTZ-Harness 3D module allows you to perform three-dimensional harness routing, providing a realistic and accurate representation of your wiring system.

With FTZ-Harness 3D, you can visualize the path of the harness in space, taking into account environmental constraints and adjacent components. This ensures that the harness is properly positioned and avoids potential interferences.

Furthermore, the FTZ-Harness 3D module facilitates the creation of “nailboard” type plans. These plans allow you to clearly and in detail visualize the location of each component of the harness, simplifying the assembly and wiring process.

With this combination of SchemHARNESS and FTZ-Harness 3D, you have a complete set of tools to design, visualize, and realize your electrical harnesses efficiently and accurately. Whether you are working on complex projects or simple systems, this solution provides the necessary features to optimize your wiring process and ensure the quality of your creations.

SchemHARNESS facilitates the extraction of customizable lists tailored to the specific needs of the project. You can generate detailed lists for signals, wires, cables, sheaths, and much more. These configurable lists ensure efficient data management and allow you to easily track and organize important information.

Thanks to compatibility with various spreadsheets, you can easily manipulate and analyze the extracted data, providing maximum flexibility for utilizing the information from your electrical project. You can customize the lists according to your specific requirements and adjust them as the project evolves.

The generated lists can be directly integrated into the documentation, making it easier to communicate and collaborate with different stakeholders in the project. Additionally, you have the option to export the lists in PDF™ or Excel™ format for sharing with your colleagues or using in other applications.

With SchemHARNESS, you have a versatile tool that helps you efficiently manage the data of your electrical project, allowing you to save time, improve traceability, and optimize the quality of your creations.

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