ER INGENIERIE purchases SchemELECT and SchemPID softwares


Since 1987, ER INGENIERIE has specialized in the study, design and implementation of special machines, skids and industrial installations.

It has replaced its previous electrical schematic software with SchemELECT, and has recently acquired SchemPID, developed by FTZ for piping and instrumentation drawings.

The electrical design department creates electrical and pneumatic diagrams for special machines in sectors such as food processing, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Nicolas M. from the design office gives his views on SchemELECT software

SchemELECT‘s main strengths are:

its quality/price ratio compared to other electrical CAD programs
its reliability, particularly in terms of terminal block and cable management
its cabinet layout management module with 3D control
its simple, dynamic interface, which not only saves time but also saves space by managing collisions in the cabinet”.

He also gives his opinion on FTZ‘s maintenance service:

“The software support service is a real strength of the company. It’s very responsive. Questions are dealt quickly, unlike with the previous software”.

ER INGENIERIE also uses SchemPID software. With SchemPID, it creates piping plans for skids, benefiting from automatic numbering functions with extraction of the various lists (equipment, piping elements, instruments, etc.).

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