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For over 40 years, FTZ’s CAD software has been used in numerous countries by engineering firms, machine manufacturers, industrial sites, and more. We design solutions to meet the needs of the industrial and construction sectors.


Industrial Electrical CAD and Automation software.

FTZ-Panel 3D

Software for Electrical Cabinets in 3 Dimensions.


CAD software for Piping and Instrumentation.


CAD software for Wiring – Tertiary Building Electrical and Housing.


Software for BIM and Electricity.

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The FTZ customer base shares the same need: to create and maintain technical files with maximum efficiency. Our software allows users to maintain their working method and become operational quickly.

We meet the industrial challenges of the 21st century

The building and industrial sectors are constantly evolving in response to issues of productivity, quality, and efficiency in schematic studies and installation work.

To address the needs of the industrial engineering, architecture, and construction sectors, FTZ innovates by creating computer-aided design software that allows for the design, visualization, and modification of various schematics, including those for electrical circuits, industrial piping, and building wiring.


They use our CAD software

Industrial Electrical

3D Electrical Cabinets

Piping and Instrumentation

Building Wiring

FTZ-BIM Electrical

Innovative solutions
for an evolving sector

ergonomic with the SchemELECT CAD software. This computer-aided design tool combines over 30 years of feedback from our experts and professional partners in the field of electrical engineering with the skills of FTZ’s specialist developers.

The result is a software solution that allows for a schematic of electrical distribution, power, and control with representation of automated cards, management of cross-references, automatic numbering of wires, terminal and connector plans, creation of electrical harnesses, 3D placement of electrical cabinets, nomenclatures, cable schedules, wiring, and processing of technical and regulatory verifications.

Inevitable actors in the industrial process, panel builders and machine manufacturers have specific needs in terms of optimizing project realization phases.

The interface with the SchemELECT CAD software allows users of the FTZ-Panel 3D module to install all necessary components for integrating boards, electrical cabinets, and control panels, while generating manufacturing plans with placement of rails, ducts, and busbars, drilling plans, and other dimensions.

In our commitment to provide innovative solutions for computer-aided design of industrial instrumentation and piping schematics, FTZ has relied on the expertise and experience of engineering professionals to develop the SchemPID software solution.

This software allows for customization of the equipment, instrumentation, and piping element library, as well as the creation of complete P&ID schematic files, PCF (Process Flow Diagrams), or TI diagrams with automatic numbering, lists, and nomenclature insertion.

Global consistency checking of the PID diagram, cross-referencing, and verification of compliance and consistency according to established standards. The software is open to standard graphic formats and is designed for high-quality industrial manufacturing in factories, engineering, or for machine or skid manufacturers.

The installation of wiring is a crucial component in construction and development work for buildings and commercial facilities.

The development of the SchemBAT CAD software was carried out in collaboration between FTZ developers, specialized engineering offices, and engineering companies, resulting in a solution that allows for the creation and management of your layout and wiring plans for residential, office, commercial, and industrial buildings.

With intelligent drawing tools, SchemBAT enables you to integrate or create architectural plans and install various equipment, cable trays, different power and low-voltage circuits, wiring for lighting fixtures, sockets, and junction boxes, distribution boards, and the creation of electrical and hydraulic ducts.

With its graphical interface compatible with Autocad™, SchemBAT adapts to the wiring processes used in the housing and commercial sectors, with intuitive and innovative applications.

In recent years, the fields of building design and construction have rediscovered themselves and must meet an ever-increasing demand for responsiveness and process efficiency to create smarter spaces that meet the requirements of clients.

The FTZ-BIM module of SchemBAT allows design and construction teams to collaborate more actively throughout the process, improving operations and activities, avoiding re-entry, and optimizing the consistency of the work packages.

Our module allows for the integration of different fluid and electrical networks into the building’s digital model, as well as the centralization of different information provided by engineering firms, architects, and other stakeholders in electricity, fluid management, home automation, heating, etc.

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