LENOIR ELEC integrates FTZ-Panel 3D


LENOIR ELEC is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of customised AC and DC power contactors for the transport, energy and industrial sectors.

LENOIR ELEC is particularly well known in public transport networks, tramways or metros, for the production of distribution cells and switchgear.

Alexandre B., project manager, comments:

“After using SchemELECT for several years, we have integrated the complementary product FTZ-Panel 3D. With FTZ-Panel 3D, we are able to lay out the electrical components in the cabinets and study the copper bars. This software provides us with a high degree of precision and a significant time saving, both in the electrical design phase and during the manufacturing phase in the workshop.

Furthermore, FTZ-Panel 3D allows us to free ourselves from the use of other 3D CAD software.”

More information on: www.lenoir-elec.com