On-site Training
or In-house

  • Training based on pre-defined sessions or customized to fit the client’s profession
  • Different levels of training: user, expert, administrator

Startup Assistance,
Phone Support

  • Specific Configurations, Specialized Questions
  • Highly skilled and responsive Hotline, available during office hours

Expertise, Advice, and Methodology,
Result Optimization

  • Expert Opinions on Specific Issues
  • Proposal of Optimization Methods

Study Services, Plan Recovery,
Data Transfers, Personnel Delegation

  • Services on a Time and Material basis or Fixed Price basis
  • Full-time, Part-time, or Freelance work

Custom Developments based on Specifications,
Integration with Other Software

  • Integration with ERP or PLM systems
  • Automatic generation of diagrams or layouts
  • Custom developments tailored to your study contexts
  • Macro development (using VBA or macro language)