SADE re-internalises electrical studies and the manufacture of cabinets

SADE (Société Auxiliaire de Distributions d’Eau), a subsidiary of VEOLIA, is one of the major French players in the construction and maintenance of water and energy networks.

Gilles T. Head of the Electromechanical Department, explains:

“We build hydraulic networks in many areas: catchments, pipes, pumping stations, treatment plants. Our activity also includes preventive maintenance and repairs. Most of these activities are managed and controlled electrically via automatic systems.

The electrical part was subcontracted. My role, within SADE, was to create an electrical department dedicated to the study and production of electrical cabinets.
Since the creation of the department, we have also been managing the requests of other SADE agencies (electrical files, manufacturing of cabinets).

In my previous position, I had already chosen the SchemELECT solution for its advanced functions, its ease of use and its affordable price. Satisfied with the software and the service, I also integrated SchemELECT at SADE.

We use SchemELECT on a daily basis to create schematics, terminal blocks and cabinet drawings. It’s easy to learn and customize symbols and component databases.

We plan to train more people to meet our changing needs.”

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