MADEnR testifies to its experience in photovoltaics,
with CAD software SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D

Quentin D. – RE engineer and CAD manager testifies.

FTZ – Can you introduce MADEnR?

We design, develop and manufacture equipment for photovoltaic installations: protection boxes (AC, DC, mixed), junction boxes, self-consumption cabinets with or without storage, Shelter (technical rooms) and other Low Voltage solutions for the photovoltaic sectors, residential and tertiary.

FTZ – Why choose SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D software tools?

Today, we are growing with strong demand. MADEnR will also open a new 10,000 m² production site in the Lyon region (France) from the start of the school year. This will allow it to maintain its responsiveness to demand, by increasing the production capacity it already has on its site of more than 2,500 m² in Honfleur.

This growth leads us to invest in several process solutions, in particular CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, in order to provide quality and information on our systems (quotation, component positions, 3D view) for customers and production. We therefore looked for a software supplier by asking him to create a file of one of our technical shelters by providing him only with a plan and photos. FTZ gave us a return within 48 hours with a clean file that met our needs, while being independent and therefore without a direct link with a component manufacturer.

FTZ – How did it feel after 3 months of use?

The advantages of SchemELECT are the ease of use, the customization of the frames as well as the constitution of symbol libraries which is completely free. The creation of databases remains simple, knowing that most of the manufacturer databases are already present.

As for FTZ-Panel 3D, its use makes it possible to quickly obtain an implementation of our boxes and our Shelters with mobility of movement and a base of volumes customizable 100% according to our needs.Copying folders also makes it quite easy to start from a similar project without spending time modifying a reference or moving a component, for example, by simply regenerating the view without losing the existing dimensions.

After 3 months of implementation, our various customers appreciate the aesthetics of our electrical files. As for production, this saves time for the installation of components. We are going to develop the layout of the wires in the cabinets and the cables in our Shelters to define the lengths, in order to prepare them upstream.

FTZ software is easy to use, in particular thanks to the quality training, but above all to the very responsive support which solves our concerns each time, provides us with advice for use personalized in relation to our needs and is listening to offer us software solutions.

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