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Automating electrical cabinet design

In the field of electrical engineering, panel builders, manufacturers of low and medium-voltage switchboards, control cabinets and enclosures, a significant transformation is taking place: The automation of cabinet layout design.

FTZ continues to expand in the Swiss market

In the world of engineering, Switzerland stands out for the quality and precision of its products. To thrive in this market, it is essential not only to meet Swiss standards,…

Re-evaluating your electrical CAD software?

For engineering firms, design offices, new-build or maintenance departments, there are many reasons to change electrical CAD software, but the reluctance to change is tenacious.

What is the meaning of P&ID diagram?

To understand better this term used in the industry, we explain everything you need to know about a piping, instrumentation and industrial process diagram.

Atlantique Industrie Group feedback on SchemPID

Atlantique Industrie Group is organized around 3 divisions: Engineering, Services and Distribution, and offers solutions and services in the water (potable water, wastewater) and waste (recovery, transformation, energy) sectors.

AIR LIQUIDE acquires SchemPID software

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies, world leader in the field of gases and cryogenics for various industrial sectors (aeronautics, marine, space, science and industry), equips several design offices with SchemPID software…

SNIE opts for SchemBAT and FTZ-BIM software

SNIE is one of France's leading designers and builders of electrical installations for housing and construction. It achieves the performance of supplying over 10,000 homes a year.

NGSO SPIDER acquires SchemBAT software

NGSO SPIDER is a leader in the field of electrical prefabrication, thanks to its octopus or electrical spider pre-wiring concept. The company offers solutions for the residential and commercial sectors,…

Pinette PEI Group integrates SchemELECT software

PINETTE PEI is a long-established French SME and industrial engineering company. It supplies hydraulic presses and production lines, and press brakes under the JEAN PERROT brand, for major groups in…

Cussons company uses SchemELECT software

Cussons Technology Ltd is a UK based educational technology company. From manufacturing to supplying a full range of mechanical and scientific research equipment to universities, technical institutes and training establishments…