Cabling CAD software
and electric octopus



Augmented Reality enters the realm of
building construction and wiring

The software in detail

With SchemBAT-Reality, innovation is at your fingertips! Thanks to your smartphone or tablet’s camera, this revolutionary application overlays electrical and hydraulic wiring information onto the reality of the building. The wiring data comes from studies conducted with our CAD software, SchemBAT, while the building is represented in 3D through a BIM model or an architect’s plan in DWG™ or PDF™ format, easily created with SchemBAT‘s drawing tools.

Interacting with the application is smooth and intuitive, allowing you to access detailed information with a simple gesture. Discover the technical specifications of a device, identify the circuit and the associated electrical panel, or explore the composition of a cable. Anticipate potential issues in advance: clashes, positioning errors, or cable composition errors. With SchemBAT-Reality, you have the power to visualize and verify in real-time, for optimized electrical project design and management. The future is at your fingertips!

At the heart of the construction site, SchemBAT-Reality acts as your personal guide. Thanks to space detection and your position within the building, the application accompanies you during your movements. Simultaneously, SchemBAT-Reality overlays 3D wiring data and even furnishings: cable routes, wiring, devices, and much more.

With this advanced technology, you can literally see beyond reality, obtaining an augmented view of your environment. Explore cables and equipment, check their positioning and integration within the structure. The perfect combination of virtual and real enhances your design, verification, and coordination tasks on the construction site.

With SchemBAT-Reality, your vision extends beyond the physical limits of the building, allowing you to anticipate potential issues and optimize every aspect of your project. It’s an unprecedented experience where technology meets reality to create a revolutionary approach to construction.

Dive into an entirely new world by choosing the “Study” mode of SchemBAT-Reality. With immersive technology, you can visualize building and wiring data as a scaled-down model. Navigate, review, and explore the interior of the model without leaving your desk.

SchemBAT-Reality revolutionizes coordination between electrical engineering, construction, and the end client. Exchanges are strengthened and facilitated through this digital immersion. You can collaborate more efficiently, anticipate necessary adjustments, and ensure perfect coordination among all project stakeholders.

With SchemBAT-Reality, the power of virtual reality brings a new dimension to your studies. You are the master of your exploration, and every detail is at your fingertips. Save time, reduce costs, and offer your clients an unparalleled preview of their future building. Choose innovation and performance with SchemBAT-Reality.

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