CAD software for
piping and instrumentation



La CAO appliquée à la conception des
schémas d’instrumentation et schémas de boucles

The software in detail

During the loop design process, essential information is organized in the form of lists in a spreadsheet, such as Excel. These lists can be created by extracting data from P&IDs (using the SchemPID software), calculators, or by directly inputting them online.

On the other hand, standard plans are defined using the powerful drawing and schematic tools of the SchemELECT software. These standard plans serve as references to structure the loops and ensure their coherence.

To facilitate the association between standard plans and data from loop files, equivalences are established. These equivalences link the information present in the standard plans with the specific data from the loop files, ensuring clear understanding and optimal loop management in the design process.

Thanks to this systematic approach and interoperability between different software, loop design becomes smoother and more precise, allowing you to create efficient and well-documented instrumented systems.

SchemINSTRUM is a powerful software that analyzes each line of the loop file. It uses this information to implement the corresponding standard plan and associate attributes with the appropriate fields of the symbols.

With this functionality, SchemINSTRUM enables precise implementation of the diagrams, ensuring a faithful representation of the loops in technical documentation. The attributes associated with the symbols facilitate information management and provide a better understanding of the wirings.

With SchemINSTRUM, you benefit from an efficient tool for creating and updating instrumented diagrams, simplifying your design process and ensuring optimal accuracy in the realization of industrial installations.

With SchemINSTRUM, the rapid and automatic generation of several hundred folios becomes a reality.

Thanks to its advanced features and efficiency, SchemINSTRUM allows you to quickly and effortlessly create a large number of folios for your instrumented projects. Whether you need to generate a few tens, hundreds, or even more, SchemINSTRUM adapts to your needs by providing a high-performance solution.

This automated generation capability saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your project. With SchemINSTRUM, you can easily and quickly obtain the necessary folios for your studies, reports, and technical documentation.

Take advantage of the power of SchemINSTRUM to accelerate your instrumented design process and achieve optimal productivity.

SchemINSTRUM offers seamless integration with other modules of SchemELECT, enabling smooth and efficient collaboration in electrical design.

Thanks to this seamless interface, you can easily exchange data between SchemINSTRUM and other components of SchemELECT. The diagrams created with the schematic module are automatically considered by SchemINSTRUM for precise implementation of instrumented loops.

Furthermore, SchemINSTRUM communicates with wire numbering features, terminal-cable associations, and panel layout, ensuring coherence and continuity in the electrical design process.

This synergy between SchemELECT modules ensures increased efficiency, reduced errors, and optimized productivity in the execution of your electrical projects.

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