Zenex is equipped with SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D software.

MethalacMethalac    ZENEX is a Polish company that manufactures and distributes low voltage electrical equipment up to 6300A worldwide. It manufactures a wide range of products, including solutions dedicated to LV but also capacitor bank systems for reactive energy compensation and a solution of plug-in drawers.

    Since 2019, ZENEX has been equipped with FTZ-Panel 3D and SchemELECT software to facilitate schematic studies and to design 3-dimensional cabinet layouts.

    Lukasz K., General Director of Zenex testifies:

    « " Time is money. This is why in the construction of cabinets, you must design the detailed study so as not to waste time during assembly. CAD applied to cabinet design will be a "must" for manufacturers in the future. Nowadays, you need to optimize expensive labor and not waste materials like copper. In cooperation with the company FTZ and its software, we are integrating a complete library of 3-dimentional components and layout of our Zenergy range of electrical equipment. It will soon be available to all cabinet manufacturers. I know that it is future for such software to win more market share.”

  More information on : www.zenex.pl


Methalac equips itself with SchemELECT and SchemPID software

Methalac     Methalac is specialized in the study, installation, maintenance and servicing of methanization units. It valorizes the biogas energy generated by the process of digestion of materials by cogeneration by engine or turbine, injection of biomethane,...

    This process also makes it possible to recover the digestate, the residue of methanisation. The studies require the realization of plans of piping, instrumentation and electrical plans.

    To carry them out Methalac has recently acquired the software provided by FTZ, SchemELECT and  SchemPID.

    Mr. Arthur E., design engineer of Methalac testifies:

    « Since their acquisition, we have been using SchemELECT and SchemPID software on a daily basis. They allow us to create complete electrical and P&ID diagrams with all the necessary information for our methanation installations and have considerably improved our productivity. Since the beginning of the year we have about 30 installations with  SchemELECT and SchemPID. In addition, for specific questions about the software, we contact the technical support of FTZ, which is reactive and competent.                                                                                                                                                                                                            We therefore recommend FTZ and its software suite ».

  More information on https://methanisation-agricole.com/


SOLFAB Group has chosen SchemBAT software for its manufacturing sites

    Precast and modular constructions specialist SOLFAB group has chosen SchemBAT software suite for all of its sites. It contains wiring octopus, single line diagram, classification and electric panel.










    With SchemBAT software, SOLFAB realizes its different prefabricated buildings, from the construction bungalow to the modern building: Classroom, modular office, industrial element, modular nursery ...

More information: http://www.solfab-france.fr

AIR LIQUIDE has equipped its design offices with SchemPID software

    Worldwide leader in gas and cryogenic domain for several industrial sectors (Aeronautics, marine, space, science and industry), Air liquide Advanced Technologies has chosen SchemPID sofware to realize its pipping and instrumentation studies, bill of material and skids classification.

His expertise covers the following sectors:

  • Gas separation
  • Very low temperature refrigeration and gas liquefaction
  • Analyse and control of gas quality
  • Gas treatment
  • Gas distribution and storage

Air Liquide










The main functions of SchemPID allow to meet with the design offices requirements and allow to integrate the SchemPID projects into the internal system of Technical Data Management

More information: https://advancedtech.airliquide.com

OMEXOM from VINCI ENERGIES group has chosen SchemELECT software

    After a comparative study, energetic transition specialist OMEXOM Power & Grid from VINCI ENERGIES group has chosen SchemELECT for its offices in the field of energy (manufacturing, transportation, modification or transformation).

With SchemELECT , OMEXOM mostly carries out electrical studies in renewable energies field (solar, wind, ...) for projects in France and abroad. It uses the whole range of  SchemELECT functions to realize its projects (Spider, Schematic Diagrams, Terminal blocks, Cables, Bill of material, PLC or cabinet insertion).

generation wind haoumageneration solar pech









More information: http://www.omexom.com

SchemELECT and SchemPID Feedback from users ER INGENIERIE

eri1    Since 1987, the company ER INGENIERIE is specialized in the study, design and implementation of special machines, skids and industrial facilities.

    It replaced its previous electrical schematic software by SchemELECT and has also acquired the software SchemPID developed by FTZ, for piping and instrumentation diagrams. The design department carries out electrical and pneumatic diagrams of special machines in sectors such as food processing, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical ...

    Nicolas M. of engineering exposes his views on SchemELECT :

"The strengths of SchemELECT  are mainly:
    - Its price / quality ratio compared to other electrical CAD software
    - Its Reliability especially for the management of terminals blocks and cables
    - Its Cabinet management module which controls the cabinet insertion in 3D. The simple and dynamic interface allows real time saving but also save space by managing collisions in the cabinet".


eri2    It also gives its opinion on the Hotline support of FTZ:

"The software support department is a real strong point of the company. It is very responsive. The issues are settle very quickly, unlike the previously used software".

    The company ER INGENIERIE uses also the software SchemPID. With SchemPID, she realizes the plans for piping skids benefiting of automatic numbering features and extraction of different lists (equipment, piping components, instruments, ...).

More information on the company ER INGENIERIE : www.eringenierie.com

SchemELECT Feedback from users Cussons

 cussons1   Cussons Technology Ltd. is an UK company specializing in educational technology, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of mechanical engineering and scientific research equipment for universities, technical institutes and training establishments worldwide.

SchemELECT Solutions :

    Simon D., Principal electrical engineer, explains:

   "Cussons uses SchemELECT to produce all its electrical design drawings for its products ranging from bench top instruments to entire research facilities.


cussons3    We chose SchemELECT for its flexibility and ease of use, it suits our free flowing design technique and is an aid to product development and allows us to adapt existing designs quickly and simply to our customer's requirements.

FTZ's support is professional, quick and accurate plus it is a great portal for expressing ideas."

For more information about Cussons company: www.cussons.co.uk

SchemELECT Feedback from users Mecapack

 mecapack   PROPLAST group became a key player in the plastics industry.
Its subsidiary MECAPACK is specialized in construction of packaging machinery.

    The company primarily operates in the food and pharmaceutical sector.
It has several subsidiaries abroad, particularly in the UK and Benelux.

SchemELECT Solutions :

    Sébastien C., form electrical studies service, says: « SchemELECT has been chosen on our society Mecapack differentiating itself from its competitors by its flexibility and adaptability. In the past, we used a competing software least suited to our needs.

    Today, with the solution SchemELECT proposed by FTZ, we can manage our electrical diagrams and configurations options at no additional cost, unlike competing proposals.

    SchemELECT software allows us to make the electrical diagrams necessary for the manufacture of our machines. There are several advantages of using, one management of options for automatic machines bill of materials.

    SchemELECT also enables management of the collision of different faces during the implantation of cabinets, making them more compact. Moreover, the software can be formatted as desired and truly meets our needs for flexibility and customization.

    Training as a hotline service, offered by FTZ, combine responsiveness and pleasant welcome. Prior to FTZ training, we considered the basic functions of SchemELECT. This allowed, during training, to learn how to use more advanced features providing us increased productivity.

For more information on the company Mecapack: www.mecapack.fr

SchemELECT Feedback from users Novacarb

  novacarb  The company NOVACARB inside the NOVACAP group is specialized in producing and selling soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, as well as sodium sulphate and limestone, and more recently glassy silicate, liquid silicates and granulated silicates (Nabion). Health & Care, Food and feed and Cosmetic industries: NOVACARB is especially dedicated to highly demanding markets throughout Europe.

    The glass industry is the oldest and largest outlet for soda ash. NOVACARB also supplies the worldwide leading companies in the Detergent and Chemical Industries.

SchemELECT solutions :

    Michel A., project manager at Research Department, says: « The past use of a CAD program had become obsolete, hence the need to change. We then turned to a powerful electrical CAD software, SchemELECT .

    At Design Office, we manage all types of new works and perform complete studies. To do this, we use SchemELECT to insert the necessary modifications to existing facilities. We also subcontract part of the projects.

    The maintenance department for Electricity, Instrumentation and Automation uses, meanwhile, SchemELECT to realize PLC migrations exploiting the old datas and making changes inside them.

    The SchemELECT software, user friendly and fast, allows to create synoptic diagram by inserting any installation on a page. In addition to a dedicated library of symbols, this software facilitates the creation of new symbols.

    Through its automated features such as cross references or terminals block generation by examples, SchemELECT software is fast to handle.

    The training helped us to understand the use and configuration of SchemELECT but as with any product, the practice was necessary to proficiently.

    The FTZ maintenance service has been able to transfer the plans of our old software from the acquisition of SchemELECT. In addition, a simple call always ended with an adequate response. »

More information about Novacarb: www.novacarb.fr

SchemELECT Feedback from users Emerson

EMERSON is a global company that provides a full range of technology products. The activity of Emerson is divided into two principal sectors:

emerson    EMERSON Industriel System which offers power solutions, conditioning, control, monitoring and management for Industry, Petrochemicals and Transportation.
    EMERSON Network Power which offers solutions for the service sector (banks, data centers, ...)

SchemELECT solutions:

    M. Hervé L., Products Implementation Manager, explains : " EMERSON is a multinational requiring software adapted and adaptable to our business. The decision center of EMERSON estimated that SchemELECT  was the most suitable for the products manufacturing. Subsequently, it was also chosen for our international subsidiaries.

    The FTZ team conducted specific technical adjustments to best match our needs especially for the basic drawings and wire numbering. These have helped to increase productivity and quality at the Design Office and for the manufacturing.

    SchemELECT software owns major benefits :
- Ease of use
- Flexibility
SchemELECT is software that fits particularly well into our IT environment. It allows the schematic implementation of our products on the standard documents (product) which are then adapted to the needs of our customers.

- A reactive hotline support
The contact is direct and easy with the FTZ hotline support service for all your needs with improvements or questions of use.
The activities of the EMERSON in China and India are different, the training provided by FTZ have been adapted to different needs.
Following the training, a thorough monitoring and technical support have been established between Emerson and FTZ. "

For more information about Emerson Network Power: www.emersonnetworkpower.com

SchemELECT Feedback from users Savime

    SAVIME company is specialized in the conveyor construction for continuous handling. It carries out installation of systems for the transportation of various products in several industrial sectors (food, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical ...).

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SchemBAT Feedback from users Spider

    The company NGSO SPIDER is a leader in the field of electric prefabrication through the concept of pre-wiring or electrical octopus called spider. It offers solutions for the sectors of housing and tertiary for professionals and individuals.

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SchemELECT Feedback from users Clemessy Tabelec

    Within the Energy branch of the Eiffage group, fifth group in the European concessions and public works sector, Clemessy offers all the skills required to design, integrate, install, maintain and improve systems and equipment in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

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Using SchemPID software

Using SchemPID Software. IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment.

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