FTZ continues to expand in the Swiss market

In the world of engineering, Switzerland stands out for the quality and precision of its products. To thrive in this market, it is essential not only to meet Swiss standards, but also to attract new customers with cutting-edge solutions. This is what our electrical CAD and P&ID software have succeeded in achieving, combining technology and adaptation to local requirements for the industrial and construction sectors.

FTZ customers in Switzerland

Swiss customers include all our software products:

Conquering New Horizons

  • Customer expansion: Our commitment to innovation and compliance with Swiss standards has opened new doors in the Swiss market. Companies in various sectors, from energy to manufacturing, are looking for CAD solutions that can guarantee regulatory compliance while offering advanced functionality.
  • Reputation for reliability: Our software is now recognized for its reliability and adaptability to different standards, particularly Swiss ones. This reputation has attracted the attention of new customers looking for trusted partners for their most critical engineering projects.
  • Competitive advantages: By offering tailored functionalities, we give our customers an undeniable competitive edge. From precise electrical schematic design to advanced industrial process modeling, our software offers complete and reliable solutions.

In conclusion, our success in the Swiss market is the result of a commitment to the quality and adaptability of our software products. By meeting the highest standards and offering innovative solutions, we have not only won new customers in the Swiss market, but also consolidated our position in the electrical CAD and P&ID industry.