With the SchemELECT software you can create your various electrical schematic sheets (distribution, control, power, single-wire, multi-wire, etc.).
The cartridge integrates your logo in different formats (image or vectorial) and the desired information (title, file number, index, ...) according to your quality approach.
Simple and quick commands help you to define the diagram. Thanks to its advanced ergonomic functions, the implementation of standard symbols and the placement of wires and cables are greatly facilitated (automatic connection, rotation, moving, copying, deleting, stretching, etc.).
SchemELECT allows the creation of multi-standard symbols (IEC, DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS). It also integrates multilingual translations from a customisable dictionary.
SchemELECT manages multi-folders for large projects and realizes single line diagrams, interconnection diagrams and developed diagrams.