Pinette PEI Group integrates SchemELECT software


A historical group, PINETTE PEI is a French SME and industrial engineer.

It supplies hydraulic presses and production lines, press brakes under the JEAN PERROT brand, for major groups in the aeronautics, space, automotive, defense, energy and other industries.

Since 1863 in Chalon-sur-Saône (FR), their 135 engineers, technicians and trainees have been making 70% of their sales in export markets and devoting 10% of their turnover to R&D.

Wishing to benefit from a true Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Their search was for a software more adapted to their needs and more complete. They thus equipped themselves with the software SchemELECT.

The industrial designer in electricity, explains his experience with the software SchemELECT :

« I find that the SchemELECT software reduces the risk of errors when making electrical diagrams. We mainly use the spider, schematic, terminal block functions, and also the cabinet module.

I appreciate the possibility to generate interactive PDFs where hyperlinks can be inserted. The controls are ergonomic and easy to use.

In order to optimize its use, the whole team was trained by an FTZ specialist in their premises in Nancy (FR). After this training, we can call the support service which is reactive and professional.

I recommend SchemELECT without hesitation. »

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