The Zenex Group equips itself with SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D


ZENEX is a Polish company that manufactures and distributes worldwide low voltage electrical equipment up to 6300A. The company manufactures a wide range of products including low-voltage switchgear solutions, capacitor bank systems for reactive energy compensation and a plug-in drawer solution.
Since 2019, ZENEX has been equipped with FTZ-Panel 3D and SchemELECT software to facilitate schematic studies and to carry out the implantation of cabinets in 3 dimensions.

Lukasz K., Managing Director of Zenex, says:

“Time is money. That’s why in cabinet making you have to make the detailed design so that you don’t lose time during assembly.

CAD applied to cabinet design will be a “must” for manufacturers in the future. Nowadays you have to optimise expensive labour and not waste materials like copper.

In cooperation with FTZ and their software products, we are integrating a complete 3D component library of our Zenergy switchgear range. It will soon be available to all enclosure manufacturers. I know that the future can only be with this type of product and thus gain new market shares.”

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