MARKSA, talks about its experience with SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D


MARKSA is a Swiss company that manufactures cooling solutions for various industrial equipment.

Hakan M., Electrical Design Manager testifies to his use of software SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3D :

“Our previous electrical CAD software had recurring anomalies and required a lot of time to finalize the projects.
After a comparative study, we changed for SchemELECT software because it was the most adapted to our needs and had an efficient hotline service.

<emIndeed, we produce a large number of products depending on the adjustments required by our customers, i.e. more than 200 different projects per year. These specifications require us to be very reactive in the realization of our electrical and manufacturing files.

Until now, we have used the simplified CABI module of SchemELECT . But a more advanced internal and external demand now requires to treat the subject on a real 3D.

We have selected FTZ-Panel 3D because it is complementary to SchemELECT and allows to quickly establish :
– the layout of the components in 3D
– wire routing and lengths, especially to define bundles

The implementation of FTZ-Panel 3D was operational in a few days.”

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