Panel builders and machine manufacturers are constantly seeking to optimise all phases of the industrial process, from design to manufacturing. FTZ, a company specialising in developments for electrical engineering, publishes the new FTZ-Panel 3D software. FTZ-Panel 3D models your cabinets and desks in a real three-dimensional environment.
The components come from libraries of enriched volumes. They come from classic 3D formats (STEP, IGES, ...) extracted from Internet portals or provided by the use of 3D mechanical CAD software such as Solidworks™, Catia™, PTC Créo™, SolidEdge™, or produced directly by the user.
The list of components to be installed is either taken from the schematic file defined with the electrical CAD software SchemELECT, or integrated directly. The user quickly places the components in the envelope (cabinet, desk, etc.) using advanced and consistent functions:
  • Board integration
  • Positioning of the components
  • Collision check
  • Mounting concept
  • Placement of rails, chutes, bars
FTZ-Panel 3D then automatically generates the manufacturing documentation:
  • 2D drawings
  • Drilling plan
  • Quotation
FTZ-Panel 3D also includes a macro-language that allows for the creation of customised configurators.