The SchemPID schematic software benefits from many years of development and feedback from our professional partners.


The file

All libraries are configurable at will and guarantee a fast and quality start for the realization of complete files: diagram, loops, numbering, bills of materials, lists.
By its on-line or post-processing verifications, SchemPID ensures you the coherence of the global information of the file: tests of the connections of lines, crossed references, unicity of the markings, loops etc.
In accordance with your quality approach, SchemPID also manages the modification indices of the folios.


Openness to graphic standards

SchemPID is open to standard market tools with a graphic format that reads or writes DWG™, DXF™, MI™ , PDF™ , HTML, Meta File.
Access to supplier databases is either from ASCII files or via ODBC™ with Oracle™, Access™, SQL server™... All extracted lists are usable on the various spreadsheets (Excel™,...) or embeddable in the file.
SchemPID is part of the suite of software developed by the FTZ company. You can also generate instrumentation loops and interface with the SchemELECT software dedicated to industrial electricity diagrams (distribution, control, power, terminal blocks...).
SchemPID is also combined with SchemEXPLORER for the management and exploitation of the files and SchemCONSULT for their consultation.