Macro Language

SchemELECT has a real programming macro language.
This language allows you to customise very advanced automatic treatments on the folios, the cartridges and the diagram.
These processes can generate the diagram automatically according to determined criteria. Programs in VBA™ can also be integrated.
With the integrated functions of the SchemELECT macro-language, you can also develop your own software configurators for electrical studies based on your algorithms:
  • automatic creation of diagrams
  • automatic creation of the cabinet and its components
  • automatic creation of bills of materials
  • ...
The HMI can be defined either with SchemELECT's tools or with your own tools : Quotation software, Access™, VBA™ ...
FTZ's specialists can help you with advice and development of these configurators. In addition, you can create various interfaces with your ERP, CAPM, CMMS, etc. type software.