Cabinet layout

The SchemELECT software manages the layout of the equipment with a 2 and a half dimensional footprint control. A permanent link is established between the cabinet folios and the electrical diagram.
SchemELECT handles the hanging of equipment, mounting on rails, plates, ...
A selection by layers allows the selection of the elements to be displayed (component, pins, rail, trunking, etc.).
You can establish cuts and sections at the desired locations.
SchemELECT automatically deduces drilling plans and integrates a complete dimensioning system.
The cabinet can also be placed directly from a list of components drawn up under a spreadsheet and without the need to draw up the diagram.
FTZ has also created a true 3D module for the layout of devices and the routing of wires called FTZ-Panel 3D and compatible with various 3D mechanical software.