IEC electrical standard

Depending on the country and the sector of activity, the files drawn up by electrical CAD or CAO software must follow the standards in force concerning the representation of electrical diagrams.
By its advanced parameter setting, the SchemELECT electrical CAD software follows these different standards and carries out automatic numbering and online control in accordance with them. SchemELECT also makes it possible to switch the whole file from one graphic standard to another.
In addition, the multi-language dictionary in SchemELECT completes these functions. It translates expressions from one language into another or superimposes several languages on the entire file or in the bills of materials.
At the international level, the most widely used is the IEC standard. It follows the guidelines of the International Electrotechnical Commission.
This institution has grouped the various headings of the "Electrical diagrams and graphic symbols" designation under the references IEC 60XXX. IEC standards are generally adopted in a similar manner by European standards (EN 60XXX), or even approved as national standards such as NF EN 60XXX for France.
There are also ANSI (United States), JIS (Japan) DIN (Germany), BS (Great Britain), ISO, etc.
The most commonly used headings in IEC 60XXX are as follows:
  • IEC 60617: graphic symbols for electrical diagrams
  • IEC 61082: drawing up diagrams and documents used in electrical engineering
  • IEC 60417: graphic symbols for use on equipment
  • IEC 61082: IEC 61346 and IEC 61355 documentation structure, document and data management
  • IEC 82045 and ISO 10303-212 - methods and rules associated with the processing of information relating to technical documents in a form suitable for use with computers