Key advantages of an independent electrical CAD editor


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When it comes to designing the electrical system of a plant or machine, flexibility and innovation are essential to achieve the best results. That’s why we believe in the advantages offered by electrical CAD editors who are independent of electrical equipment manufacturers. In this article, we’ll explore why this independence can catalyze your creativity and success in electrical design.

Freedom of choice of components

By using an independent electrical CAD editor, you are free to select the components that best meet your specific needs. You’re not restricted or oriented to a narrow range of products from a single manufacturer. This freedom of choice allows you to explore a variety of solutions, optimize your designs and find the ideal combination of components to achieve the desired performance.

Objectivity and neutrality

Independent electrical CAD editors have no direct commercial interest in promoting specific products. This means that the software’s recommendations and analyses are unbiased and based on actual technical specifications, rather than commercial motivations.

Easier integration with different hardware

When you use an independent electrical CAD editor, you generally benefit from greater flexibility in terms of integration with a wide range of electrical equipment from different manufacturers. This allows you to create designs that meet the specific needs of your project, rather than being restricted by limited or biased hardware choices.

Adaptability to market changes

Technologies evolve quickly, and the needs of your industry can change overnight. Working with an independent electrical CAD editor means you’re better equipped to cope with these changes. You’re not tied to a single approach or product range, which means you can adapt more quickly to new trends and market innovations.


Choosing an electrical CAD editor independent of electrical equipment manufacturers offers significant advantages in terms of freedom, objectivity, integration and adaptability. This enables electrical system designers to remain open in a constantly evolving environment.

If you’re looking for a more flexible and innovative approach to electrical design, I urge you to explore the possibilities offered by FTZ, publisher of electrical CAD SchemELECT software for industrial electricity and SchemBAT for building wiring.

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