FTZ : top-quality software support !!


In these times of tight budgets, software publishers are tending to cut back on hotline support. They are cutting staff numbers, outsourcing to low-cost countries, referring to websites with standardized answers, not answering technical questions, not proposing solutions, no longer providing specialists, ….

FTZ has made the radical opposite choice

FTZ’s hotline and support services are backed up by a dedicated organization based in France. The support department is made up of experienced specialists in the various SchemELECTSchemBAT electrical CAD and SchemPID for P&ID piping software packages

It responds precisely to your needs, helps you resolve difficulties in using your software and proposes technical solutions.

The service also provides professional training on the different products, and creates a close relationship with the various users. In this way, it acquires a better understanding of their needs and responds in the same business language.

In addition, the proximity of the “software support” and “development” departments gives FTZ excellent responsiveness when it comes to updating new versions.

FTZ is therefore clearly a service-oriented company, supporting its customers throughout the use of its products.

All these factors should be taken into consideration, and contribute to making FTZ products a wise choice when acquiring new CAD software.