Why use an automated spinning machine?


More and more companies, whether they are cable suppliers or installers, are equipping themselves with automated machines for spinning ducts.

But what gains do these machines make compared to hand spinning?

Prefabricated octopus machines offer many advantages over hand spinning:

  • tedious and physical tasks taken care of by the machine
  • speed of spinning, big gains in productivity and therefore in reactivity compared to late changes in drawings
  • automaticity of tasks to avoid errors (sheath and wire lengths, sheath composition, labels)

The main goal is to industrialise a very physical and time-consuming process.

By integrating an important part of the process in the design office and in the workshop, prefabrication also makes it possible to minimise the time spent on the building site, to optimise the wiring (material savings), and to remove the main technical questions from the company.

The most common functions for this type of machine are :

  • Automatic cutting of ducts (unwinding of ducts and cutting)
  • Integration of wires in ducts
  • Automatic cutting
  • Winding of spun sleeves
  • Label output

On the other hand, some machines can be used to wire both electrical and hydraulic ducts.

These machines are often directly interfaced with information from the design office, most often produced with CAD software such as SchemBAT.

There are several suppliers for this type of machine such as MECASPIN or BOUHARMONT.