Instrumentation loops / SchemINSTRUM

bullepid6    SchemINSTRUM : CAD for Loop Diagram - Instrumentation and Interconnections

    The mains functions are:

  • Loop list importation
  • Templates creation
  • Automatic graphic loops generation
  • SchemELECT Integration for wire numberings, terminal blocks generation
  • Lists extraction


Basic data

    Loops informations are defined in a spreadsheet (Excel for example), by P&ID extraction (see SchemPID software), from calculators or on line by the user.
The templates are defined with drawing and schematic tools of SchemELECT software.
The user links the templates and the data of the loops file.




    SchemINSTRUM reads all the lines of the file with loops description, inserts the template and links the different attributes with the different fields of symbols.
Output data

Outputs files

    SchemINSTRUM does quickly and automatically hundreds of pages.

An opening environment

    SchemINSTRUM is interfaced with other modules of SchemELECT for schematic pages, wire numberings, terminal blocks with cables and cabinet layout.

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