Harness Skein / SchemHARNESS

bulleelec6    SchemHARNESS: CAD software for studies of electrical harness, cabling and on board system

Among the main functionnalities of the software:

  • Realization of the synoptic of electrical harness
  • Creation of the schematic pages
  • Connectors management
  • Lists extraction

Definition of electrical harness

    SchemHARNESS helps you to realize the synoptic of the harness with connectors, strands and splicings management.


Schematic pages

    Schematic pages is realized from specific and customizable libraries. The symbols are integrated in the schematic pages by powerful functions of connections (copy/paste, templates...).


    Specific functions of connections give the integrity of the scheme : non connected pin,, conflicts, wire routing.

    The switches are linked on real time.

Crossed references

    SchemHARNESS manages the crossed-references between the symbols and the pages. It owns a powerful wire numberings algorithm.


    The connectors are defined graphically with direct extraction from the synoptic and the diagram.


    SchemHARNESS allows to extract lists compatible with the different spreadsheets for signals, wires, cables.
The lists can be inserted in pages of the project or export to PDF™ or Excel™ file.


An opening environment

    SchemHARNESS is interfaced with the other module of SchemELECT. Lhe projects are given in the classical formats: DXF™, DWG™ or PDF™.

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