Designing copper busbars for distribution cabinets with FTZ-Panel 3D


Panel builders often face difficulties in manufacturing copper busbars and integrating them into distribution cabinets.

This manufacturing process requires complex studies to be carried out beforehand, bearing in mind the available space.

FTZ proposal

In response, FTZ has developed functions dedicated to busbars. These functions are integrated into the 3D cabinet design software: FTZ-Panel 3D.

From a dedicated database, FTZ-Panel 3D enables you to create sets of bars and then manipulate them as you wish: stretching, bending and drilling..

By intuitive controls, the bars are integrated in the distribution cabinet with indication of possible collisions.

Bills of material and manufacturing information are then automatically extracted:

  • 2D drawing and unfolded drawing
  • drilling and bolting drawings
  • conversion to STEP 3D format

To conclude

These functions greatly facilitate the design of busbars. They allow to anticipate manufacturing problems upstream, during the study and the realization of the digital twin.

The panel builders thus save a substantial amount of time and productivity in the manufacturing of the distribution cabinets.

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