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  • CAD software for Industrial Electricity
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Electrical software
For Industry and Automation


CAD software for the Electrical Design in industry and for the Electrical Harness conception

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Software for
Buildings and Spiders Electricity


CAD software for the Electrical Cabling Design of Buildings and for the Prefabricated Electrical Octopus.

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Software for
Piping and Instrumentation


CAD software for the design of the Process and Instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)

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bullebim6FTZ - BIM
Software for
BIM and Electricity

logiciel BIM maquette numérique electrique CAO dessin

Software for Electrical Engineering
BIM - Electricity - Digital model

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Sécheron company feedback on FTZ-Panel 3D

   Sécheron innovates electrical and electronic equipment for railway, renewable energy, DC grid, and other industrial systems.
Sécheron has equipped its design offices with the new solutions FTZ-Panel 3D for the creation of the electrical cabinets of its substations.

    FTZ-Panel 3D is the link between the mechanical department, which uses SolidworksTM or other STEP files editors and the electrical diagrams computed with SchemELECT.

    FTZ-Panel 3D uses the list of components and wires extracted form the electrical diagram inside SchemELECT. FTZ-Panel 3D allows you to realize the components insertion inside the enclosures and computes automatically the wires and cables routing in 3d motion. These datas are at the end recovers in csv file and can be supplied to specific machine like COMAXTM for automatic cutting and labelling of wires. The workshop recovers all the harness and realize then the wiring of the electrical cubicles.

Olivier D. from the electrical engineering department of Sécheron testifies:

"FTZ-Panel 3D allows us to reinstate the cabinet definition inside the electrical engineering department. The direct link with the realized studies with SchemELECT allows to define fast insertion of all the component without any mistakes. The automatic wiring algorythm gives all the wire length and these information are then sent to the COMAXTM machine for the manufacturing of the electrical harness".

More information on the company: https://www.secheron.com

SNIE company is equipped with SchemBAT and FTZ-BIM


    SNIE is one of the French leaders in the design and construction of electrical installations for housing and building. It achieves the performance of providing more than 10,000 homes per year.


    To manage her increased activity, she equipped her entire research department with the SchemBAT software suite. With SchemBAT, she makes the electrical drawings, cabinet layout, wiring, single-line diagrams and bill of materials. It also extracts the data for making electrical spider.

    Always researching for improvements and new professinal tools, she has just acquired the FTZ-BIM module to visualize the BIM digital models of its customers and integrate the electrical data from SchemBAT.

     Vincent E. of the Methods Department, talks:
"We have selected FTZ company and more specifically
SchemBAT software because this product suits the better with our business for electrical study, manufacturing and building electrical installation.
The customization is easy and open and allowed us a complete integration into our computer system and significant productivity gains.
In addition,
SchemBAT incorporates BIM functions, which we use to meet the different requests of our customers. "

More information : www.snie.fr

FTZ participates to Ariane 6 project with the CNES company

    Through its technical expertise center , the CNES (National Center for Space Studies) plays a key role on the French and international space field.

    In addition to scientific missions, CNES company works in collaboration with Ariane Espace and the European Space Agency (ESA), to access to space, particularly with launchers from Kourou space center.
    The company is currently involved in the development of the new Ariane 6 launcher.

    These launchers require numerous P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) for the installation building and to manage their evolutions.
As the previous software who manages P&IDs has become obsolete, the CNES sites in Toulouse and Kourou have been equipped with SchemPID software to maintain the existing launcher pads and to develop future launcher pads.

    In close collaboration with CNES, FTZ has transferred existing data and developed specific functions into SchemPID to match perfectly with the specific needs of CNES company. The CNES teams use SchemPID daily to maintain the old facilities and to define the new installations in a process of best quality.

    On the other hand, several subcontractors have been equipped with SchemELECT CAD software to provide the electrical drawings and loop diagrams.

More information on the company: https://www.cnes.fr
pas lancement ariane 6
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