FTZ and 3D applications

With more than 30 years of software development, FTZ has acquired a real competence in the development of three-dimensional applications.
In addition to its core areas of expertise :
  • 3D electrical cabinets
  • Wire routing in 3D buildings



Training is provided on the entire range of software published by FTZ and in particular on :
  • SchemELECT for industrial electrical CAD

  • SchemBAT for electrical CAD for building wiring and octopus

  • SchemPID for piping and instrumentation CAD
FTZ develops specific applications in the context of BIM and digital mock-up.
These applications are compatible with the software of the major mechanical CAD publishers : SolidworksTM, CatiaTM, CreoTM, SolidEdgeTM, AutodeskTM products through exchanges in STEP or IGES format, for example.

implantation 3d ext


implantation 3d