Augmented Reality applied to
construction and wiring of buildings


CAD software SchemBAT, leader in wiring studies on tertiary and collective sectors, is enhanced with Augmented Reality features!
Always at the forefront of the latest technical developments, FTZ's R&D department launches the new Augmented Reality application SchemBAT-RealityTM.



From a smartphone or tablet camera, SchemBAT-Reality superposes a real building view with the electrical and hydraulic wiring information. The wiring information comes from the studies performed with the SchemBAT CAD software. The building is defined with a BIM model, or can be easily produced in 3D using an architect's plan in DWGTM or PDFTM format or with SchemBAT's drawing tools.



On the construction site, SchemBAT-Reality detects the building environment and the user's position and tracks his movements. At the same time, SchemBAT-Reality includes in 3D, the wiring and furnishing data: cable ducts, wiring, devices (lights, plug sockets,...)



The user can interact easily with the application, and have access to detailed information, such as the device's data sheet, the circuit and the electrical board where it is connected or the cable composition... It identifies any problems in advance: collisions, positioning errors, cable composition errors, etc.



In study mode, the user can also use the reality view the building and wiring data in Miniature mode. It is possible to navigate, consult the model contents and the wiring data. With SchemBAT-Reality, digital technology enhances and facilitates the exchange and coordination between the electrical design office, the construction and the final customer.

réalité augmentée