About us ?

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    FTZ is a world leader in electrical CAD software and P & ID for Industry and Building, with 3 main products : 

  • SchemELECT : electrical CAD software - Industrial Electricity and Automation
  • SchemBAT electrical CAD software - Wiring buildings and study octopus
  • SchemPID : CAD-P&ID software for Industry - Process and Instrumentation


1981 : creation of the FTZ company as multi-skills office (rail, structural, piping, mechanical, electrical studies). The company quickly bought mechanical CAD 2D and 3D software for its own needs. As a technology showcase, it also markets these CAD software. The IT department is created to maintain computer equipment and to develop business applications on demand of business partners.

1986 : the company is moving toward schematic diagrams and creates SchemELECT software in collaboration with several engineering firms specialized in industrial electricity.

1990 : for greater technical independence, it develops its own graphical editor while retaining compatibility with graphics exchange standards.

1994 : creation of SchemBAT, at the request of our customers, electrical CAD software for building wiring.

1996 : creation of SchemPID, CAD-P&ID software for Industry - Process and Instrumentation

1997 : creation of a sales subsidiary in Japan

2006 : creation of a sales subsidiary in Algeria

2015 : New building for FTZ France with Open-Space rooms and dedicated rooms for training.

2017 : creation of FTZ BIM module, inside SchemBAT for BIM management

2018 : creation of FTZ Panel 3D for the insertion and wiring of cabinet in a real 3D environment

FTZ today

    FTZ is a human-sized, strong and independent, with more than 30 years of experience with many references in industry and construction, worldwide.

Our teams are multi-competent: our engineers are first electricians before being computer specialists. They speak business to our customers and have a comprehensive understanding of standards (industrial electricity, electrical construction, piping and instrumentation).

All our software are developed in France. Maintenance and support are also provided in a reactive and efficient from France.

All of our products are used worldwide and now have an international vocation.

By their functional opening, the FTZ products are adapted to norms of different countries (IEC, ISA, DIN, BS, JIS ...).

We also provide additional services related to our products:

  • Training on-site or in-house
  • Start-up assistance, telephone support
  • Expertise, advice and methodology, optimization results
  • Services Studies, recovery plans, data transfer, delegation of people
  • Specific developments on specification, gateways to other software

All of our products and our services are broadcast in France and on different continents directly by our own subsidiaries and indirectly through distributors.

Depending on the selected configuration, the various software adapts to both SME and major industrial groups.

Our references

The FTZ clients are in very diverse fields, for more information about our references, click here.

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