Choosing Your Electrical CAD Software Provider: SME or Large Corporation??


Companies of all sizes need electrical CAD software to design, draw, and model their electrical projects. However, when it comes to choosing an electrical CAD software provider, companies often have the choice between large multinational corporations and SME-type independent companies.


Published on 21/03/2023 | Reading time : 6min

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  SME or Large Corporation




Can powerful electrical CAD software replace job training?


Electrical CAD software, both for construction and for industry, is becoming more and more efficient. More generally, software tends towards “artificial intelligence”, that is to say that it becomes able to learn by itself. These functions greatly facilitate the work of the user by carrying out tedious tasks for him and by verifying the integrity of the study. Given the technical development of these products, it is important to ask whether this software can be used by people who have not received professional training in these sectors.


Published on 14/03/2023 | Reading time : 6min

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How to optimise quotation times for electrical CAD software?


Nowadays, computer-aided design (CAD) has become an indispensable tool for most companies. In particular, electrical CAD software for the building industry is very useful for the design process. For the electrical part, it is essential to add dimensions for the placement of electrical equipment and to position the "reservations" of the precast slabs and pre-casts.


Published on 21/02/2023 | Reading time : 5min

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  Cotation auto SchemBAT



Double compétence  

The value of dual skills in electrical CAD software development


In companies, in general, dual skills are widely sought. The CAD (Computer Aided Design) software industry is no exception to this trend. CAD tools have become essential for electricians in industry and construction. They allow electrical projects to be designed more efficiently and accurately.However, for CAD software to be truly useful, it is crucial that it be developed by a team with dual expertise in software development and electrical design.


Published on 14/02/2023 | Reading time : 5min

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The importance of coherence and continuity of information from the electrical CAD


In the context of collaborative work, whatever the IT solutions used, the coherent and continuous integration of the data produced is crucial for the smooth running of a company. The data must be accessible by all project participants, avoiding re-entries.


Published on 08/02/2023 | Reading time : 5min

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  Image fond SchemBAT BIM



Interconnexion SchemELECT  

How to manage the interconnections of your electrical installation?


In many industrial projects, the design and implementation are divided into lots and assigned to different to different business specialists. In the end, they need to be consolidated, often by the by the integrator.


Published on 30/01/2023 | Reading time : 5min

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Is the Prefabricated Electrical Octopus applicable to commercial buildings?


The traditional in-situ wiring of buildings is increasingly being replaced by prefabrication in the workshop.
This prefabrication is already widely used for collective housing or for individual houses. Based on the same principle, can it integrate the specificities of the wiring of tertiary buildings?


Published on 23/01/2023 | Reading time : 5min

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  Image fond SchemBAT BIM



Exemple automate  

Designing copper busbars for distribution cabinets with FTZ-Panel 3D


Panel builders often face difficulties in manufacturing copper busbars and in integrating them into distribution cabinets. FTZ Panel-3D can help you in the design and manufacturing of busbar plans.


Published on 03/01/2023 | Reading time : 5min

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Create a BIM model from a 2D plan


For the building, the basis of a study is most often made from an architectural file in DWG or pdf format.
With the SchemBAT CAD software, FTZ provides additional functions that very quickly convert a 2D plan in pdf or DWG into a real BIM model in 3 dimensions and in IFC format.


Published on 16/12/2022 | Reading time : 2min

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  Exemple FTZ-BIM IFC



Exemple automate  

Interfacing the data between the Automation Engineer and the Electrician


In complex installations integrating PLCs with many digital or analog inputs/outputs, the automation engineers and the electrical design office have the need to share a lot of information.
These exchanges are often informal and tedious both in project creation and modification.


Published on 07/12/2022 | Reading time : 5min

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Having your own electrical CAD configurator: Dream or Reality?


More and more companies are considering the use of a product configurator. From selected options and a specific algorithm, the configurator would automatically determine a complete file with the different information for the quotation, the study and the manufacturing (schematics, 3D cabinet, bills of material, wiring plans, P&ID plans, ...).


Published on 29/11/2022 | Reading time : 5min

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Digital tools for the energy and environment markets!


Current events remind us more than ever of the current and future challenges facing the various sectors of the energy and environment industries.
These fields require the formalisation of complex industrial processes and even the definition of detailed studies of electrical installations.
For these studies, it is necessary to use the digital tools best suited to one's profession. FTZ has responded by providing SchemPID and SchemELECT CAD software.


Published on 14/11/2022 | Reading time : 5min

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FTZ-Wiring Assistant: the missing link for the wiring workshop


FTZ, in partnership with panel builders, has developed a new software tool dedicated to wiring workshops, called “FTZ-Wiring Assistant”.


Published on 20/10/2022 | Reading time : 5min

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Schema unifilaire  

Design your electrical cabinets with FTZ products


FTZ, specialized for more than 40 years in the edition of CAD software, distributes 2 cabinet design software, the CABI module and the FTZ Panel 3D software.


Published on 11/10/2022 | Reading time : 5min

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FTZ: Quality software support!


In these times of budgetary restrictions, software publishers have a clear tendency to make savings on hotline support services.

FTZ has made the opposite choice !


Published on 09/09/2022 | Reading time: 4min

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Service support FTZ



Schema unifilaire


How to diagram an electrical installation?


An electrical installation, whatever its size or function, brings together a set of equipment and components that can operate independently of each other or which, on the contrary, have common functions and connections.


Published on 29/08/2022 | Reading time: 4min

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What is an electrical diagram?


What is mentioned and what must be produced in an industrial electrical diagram?

We explain the elements necessary to define a complete diagram


Published on 16/08/2022 | Reading time: 4min

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Logiciel Electricité



Ergonomie interface utilisateur


Ergonomics of the user interface,

a must for a CAD software that wants to perform well!


For several decades now, information technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Business software, especially CAD (Computer Aided Design) solutions, must respond to issues of efficiency and productivity to remain attractive to professionals in the sector.


Published on 27/06/2022 | Reading time: 5min

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Training or self-training?


Choosing to train alone or assisted?

We explain the positive points of the training


Published on 24/05/2022 | Reading time: 3min

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Logiciel Electricité



Logiciel batiment


Why the electric octopus

and for whom?


There are many advantages to using prefabricated octopuses in construction.

This article will help you to ask the right questions and find out if this option is right for you.


Published on 11/05/2022 | Reading time: 5min

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Which electrical CAD software to choose

to produce your industrial electrical diagrams?


Choosing a CAD software to create your electrical schematics is a headache for you?

We explain the right questions to ask yourself to acquire the best software for your activity


Published on 08/30/2021 | Reading time : 2min

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electrical software



building software


Which building cabling

software to choose?


How to find the right technical software for the building?

This article will help you ask the appropriate questions and choose the best CAD software for you


Published on 10/29/2021 | Reading time : 5min

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For the production of electrical or hydraulic octopuses, why use an automated spinning machine?


Want to save time when making your electrical or hydraulic octopus?

We explain you everything about the automated sheath spinning machine


Published on 11/03/2021 | Reading time : 2min

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spinning machine



P&ID software


Which CAD software to choose

to create a P&ID diagram?


What questions should you ask yourself before purchasing CAD software? We explain all the information you need to know to optimize your investment


Published le 01/26/2022 | Reading time : 5min

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What are the differences between iCAD software and CAD software?


In your search for technical software, you may be confronted with these different terms: CAD software or CAD software. But what is the real difference between these two acronyms?

In this article we explain the meaning of these formulations, and how to choose the most suitable software for your needs.


Published on 03/02/2022 | Reading time : 2min

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software interface P&ID


What is a P&ID diagram?


To understand better this term used in the industry, we explain everything you need to know about a piping, instrumentation and industrial process diagram.


Published on 03/11/2022 | Reading time : 2min

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What about in-house development of software in the CAD business?


Given the specificities of certain processes and the diversity of needs expressed by companies using Computer Aided Design, the choice between the development of an in-house IT solution or the use of specialised software can sometimes seem tendentious

In this article we explain the development of CAD business tools.


Published on 07/04/2022 | Reading time : 4min

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Developpment logiciel en interne





What is the purpose of using a 3D CAD software?


More and more companies are using 3D modelling to present their projects to their customers. With this new trend, we explain why it is interesting to use 3D CAD software from a technical and commercial viewpoint.


Published on 27/04/2022 | Reading time : 2min

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