SFE Process, the scale-up that goes industrial!


SFE Process specializes in supercritical fluids. The company designs customized extraction and chromatography machines using a green process: supercritical CO2. This clean technology preserves the integrity of molecules.

The company is growing rapidly and is in the process of industrializing its machines.

SFE Process recently chose SchemELECT CAD software for its electrical and automation design office.

Bertrand P. from the Design Office answers FTZ‘s questions.

What were the decisive factors in your choice of FTZ’s SchemELECT electrical CAD software?

After consulting various suppliers of electrical design software, SchemELECT proved to be the most appropriate for our needs, based on a number of criteria. The software is comprehensive and independent of electrical component manufacturers. The cost is attractive. The software is also easily adaptable to our needs.

In addition, schematics can be created quickly and can be set as we wish.

How does this product add value to your company overall?

As soon as we started using SchemELECT, we were able to easily integrate our internal database of component references and define bills of materials in a format that could be directly used by purchasing.

It’s also made it easier for several draughtsmen to work together by centralizing data.

Files with electrical diagrams are clear. Wiring is precise, with cable lists and terminal blocks. Fitters can quickly visualize the machine according to product type (power, control, sensors, thermocouples, etc.).

What do you think of the service provided by FTZ (training, hotline)?

During the training, the trainer was attentive to our needs. The basic training is well suited to getting to grips with the software quickly.
We were also able to measure the efficiency of the hotline, with its clear, precise explanations and excellent responsiveness, particularly through remote control.

All new SFE Process machines are now designed with SchemELECT software.

More information on https://sfe-process.com