Control your energy with gas burners from Alsaflam!

New testimony in the use of SchemELECT software.

Alsaflam was created in response to strong demand for specific, non-standard and customized thermal equipment. Alsaflam specializes in the design, engineering (mechanical, electrical and automation) and manufacture of industrial gas burners and customized thermal equipment for industry. Since 2020, AlsaFlam has been offering its technology to adapt to new energies such as biogas. Alsaflam also provides a complementary service in industrial electricity, from studies to cabinet wiring.

Denis M., Manager of Alsaflam, answers FTZ‘s questions.

FTZ: Why did you choose SchemELECT electrical CAD software?

Alsaflam: SchemELECT offers specific functionalities that meet the needs of our company. The software is user-friendly and easy to learn, which reduces the time needed to train users. SchemELECT offers optimum performance, enabling us to design electrical diagrams quickly and efficiently. The cost of the software is competitive with other solutions on the market, offering good value for money.

FTZ: What is the added value of SchemELECT software for your various departments?

Alsaflam: SchemELECT provides intuitive, user-friendly tools for electrical schematic design, enabling users to create complex electrical drawings quickly. By enabling clear and precise visualization of electrical diagrams, SchemELECT helps optimize the use of resources such as cables, components and electrical equipment. With features such as automatic connection checking and conflict detection, SchemELECT helps to reduce design errors, which can avoid delays and additional costs during project implementation.

FTZ: What do you think of the service provided by FTZ?

Alsaflam: By providing a comprehensive training service and a responsive hotline, FTZ aims to ensure that users have the resources and support they need to get the most out of SchemELECT software, and to effectively resolve any problems they encounter when using it.

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