SMART CAST specializes in « printed circuit boards »

in the construction industry

SMART CAST company is at the forefront of technological innovation in the construction of residential buildings.
Since 2018, with our SchemBAT software, it has been adding value to its permanent formwork panels for the construction of collective housing. The panels are cut and printed on both sides with the different fluid networks. They integrate the dwelling plan with the partition design, the electrical and plumbing networks.
SMART CAST also supplies octopuses made by numerically controlled machines supplied by the MECASPIN company.
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LENOIR ELEC integrates

FTZ-Panel 3D

LENOIR ELEC is one of the world's leading manufacturers of customised AC and DC power contactors for the transport, energy and industrial sectors.
LENOIR ELEC is particularly well known in public transport networks, tramways or metros, for the production of distribution cells and switchgear.
Alexandre B., project manager, comments:
"After using SchemELECT for several years, we have integrated the complementary product FTZ-Panel 3D. With FTZ-Panel 3D, we are able to lay out the electrical components in the cabinets and study the copper bars. This software provides us with a high degree of precision and a significant time saving, both in the electrical design phase and during the manufacturing phase in the workshop.
Furthermore, FTZ-Panel 3D allows us to free ourselves from the use of other 3D CAD software."
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SADE re-internalises electrical studies

and the manufacture of cabinets

SADE (Société Auxiliaire de Distributions d'Eau), a subsidiary of VEOLIA, is one of the major French players in the construction and maintenance of water and energy networks.
Gilles T. Head of the Electromechanical Department, explains:
"We build hydraulic networks in many areas: catchments, pipes, pumping stations, treatment plants. Our activity also includes preventive maintenance and repairs. Most of these activities are managed and controlled electrically via automatic systems.
The electrical part was subcontracted. My role, within SADE, was to create an electrical department dedicated to the study and production of electrical cabinets.
Since the creation of the department, we have also been managing the requests of other SADE agencies (electrical files, manufacturing of cabinets).
In my previous position, I had already chosen the SchemELECT solution for its advanced functions, its ease of use and its affordable price. Satisfied with the software and the service, I also integrated SchemELECT at SADE.
We use SchemELECT on a daily basis to create schematics, terminal blocks and cabinet drawings. It's easy to learn and customize symbols and component databases.
We plan to train more people to meet our changing needs."
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ZenexグループはSchemELECTとFTZ PANEL 3D


ZENEX is a Polish company that manufactures and distributes worldwide low voltage electrical equipment up to 6300A. The company manufactures a wide range of products including low-voltage switchgear solutions, capacitor bank systems for reactive energy compensation and a plug-in drawer solution.
Since 2019, ZENEX has been equipped with FTZ-Panel 3D and SchemELECT software to facilitate schematic studies and to carry out the implantation of cabinets in 3 dimensions.


Lukasz K., Managing Director of Zenex, says:
"Time is money. That's why in cabinet making you have to make the detailed design so that you don't lose time during assembly. CAD applied to cabinet design will be a "must" for manufacturers in the future. Nowadays you have to optimise expensive labour and not waste materials like copper. In cooperation with FTZ and their software products, we are integrating a complete 3D component library of our Zenergy switchgear range. It will soon be available to all enclosure manufacturers. I know that the future can only be with this type of product and thus gain new market shares."

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Atlantique IndustrieグループはSchemPID


Atlantique Industrie Group is organized around 3 poles: Engineering, Services and Distribution and proposes solutions and services in the field of water (potabilization, waste water) and waste (valorization, transformation, energy).


Théo D. in charge of the design office software, explains :
Atlantique Industrie Group builds complete water or waste treatment plants, or responds to specific process problems (Hygienisation / Relevage / Dehydration). We carry out the studies, the realizations, the start-ups and the after-sales service of our installations. We also offer equipment and skid rental solutions in plug&play. We also work for quarries, irrigation and sea water.
To produce P&IDs, equipment lists and functional analyses for automation, we used general drawing software and ExcelTM. The main problem with this solution was the lack of linkage between the different software packages, which required us to check the correspondence of the information "by hand" with the risk of errors in certain orders.
Currently, SchemPID  is used regularly by 5 people. Other members of the team will be trained on certain aspects of the software or on its entirety in the coming months. The database has been centralised on a server for common use.
SchemPID allows us to obtain a relevant result as well as to export our lists of equipment, instruments, pipes and valves. This is then passed on to our fitters and automation engineers and of course to our customers. It also allows us to cross-check our information in a quality approach.
The big advantage of SchemPID is that it is designed to draw P&IDs by integrating intelligence. It is a powerful tool that updates information automatically, in both directions, and allows us to gather in one place most of the information we need for design, site and after-sales service.
As far as FTZ's service is concerned, the two training sessions we had were clear and precise, and the trainer answered our questions on the day. I also appreciate the reactivity of your support, whether it be for problem solving or technical questions. This is a change from the large IT maintenance platforms I often deal with.
It is also reassuring to know that the software is still evolving and that you regularly integrate additional functions.
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Methalac is specialised in the study, assembly, maintenance and servicing of methanisation units.
It valorises the biogas energy generated by the digestion process of the materials by cogeneration by engine or turbine, injection of biomethane,... This process also allows to valorise the digestate, residue of the methanisation. The studies require the creation of piping, instrumentation and electrical plans.
To carry out these studies, Methalac has recently acquired software supplied by FTZ, SchemELECT and SchemPID.


Mr. Arthur E., design engineer at Methalac, says :
"Since their acquisition, we have been using  SchemELECT and SchemPID on a daily basis. They allow us to create complete electrical and P&ID diagrams with all the necessary information for our methanisation installations. This software has considerably improved our productivity. Since the beginning of the year we have about 30 installations with SchemELECT and SchemPID. In addition, when we have specific questions about the software, we contact FTZ's technical support, which is very responsive and competent. We therefore recommend FTZ and its software suite."
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The LEGC company is specialised in climatic engineering. For several years, it has been using general 2D and 3D CAD software. Since the beginning of 2020, it has been equipped with the business software suite supplied by FTZ.
This software suite allows the company to quickly create the digital twins of its future HVAC installations:
  • SchemBAT carries out the implantation of the equipment on the building plans
  • SchemPID carries out the piping and instrumentation studies
  • SchemELECT creates the multi-wire electrical diagrams, control and automation
  • FTZ-Panel 3D creates 3D electrical cabinets, wiring and cable routing on the installation
  • FTZ-Wiring Assistant allows production management and workshop wiring follow-up


J. M. de LEGC comments :
"The integration of the FTZ, software suite has enabled us to industrialise our HVAC process very quickly. The studies are fast and the CAD tools are adapted to our HVAC business. The data is provided in a structured manner. All of this data is used for the different phases of our projects, for the study, workshop follow-up and commissioning."
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Plan of a boiler room made with SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3Dnews legc schemelect cao


Sécheron社はFTZ-Panel 3D


Sécheron is one of the world's leading suppliers of electrical and electronic components for the supply of direct current traction systems for rail transport.
Sécheron has equipped its design offices with the new FTZ-Panel 3D solution for the design of electrical cabinets for its substations.
FTZ-Panel 3D complements the mechanical part created with SolidworksTM and the electrical diagrams created with SchemELECT. FTZ-Panel 3D uses the component and wire lists extracted from the SchemELECT electrical file. FTZ-Panel 3D performs the implantation of the components in the cabinets and the routing of the wires in 3 dimensions. This data is then fed to a KOMAXTM machine for automatic wire cutting and labelling. The workshop recovers the bundles and carries out the wiring of the electrical cabinets.


Olivier D. from Sécheron's electrical engineering department explains:
"FTZ-Panel 3D has enabled us to reintegrate the cabinet implantations into the electrical design office. The direct link with the studies carried out on SchemELECT allows us to set up the implantation of the various components very quickly and without error.
The wire routing algorithm gives the list of wire lengths which is then transmitted to the KOMAXTM machine to prepare the bundles for the workshop."
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SNIE equips itself with

SchemBAT and FTZ-BIM

SNIE  is one of the French leaders in the design and construction of electrical installations for housing and buildings. It achieves the performance of supplying more than 10,000 homes per year.
In order to face its increased activity, it has equipped its entire design office with the SchemBAT software suite. With SchemBAT,  it produces the various plans, implantation, wiring, single-line diagrams and tables. It also extracts the data for the manufacture of the octopuses.
Always at the forefront of innovation and IT tools, it has just acquired the FTZ-BIM module to visualise its clients' BIM digital models and integrate the electrical data from SchemBAT.


Vincent E. from the methods department explains:
We selected FTZ and in particular the SchemBAT software because it is the product that best covers our business for the design, manufacture and electrical installation of buildings.
The very open configuration allowed us to fully integrate the software into our IT system and to achieve significant productivity gains.
In addition, SchemBAT integrates BIM functions, which we use to meet the various specifications of our customers."
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s'équipe du logiciel SchemELECT

Après une étude comparative, le spécialiste de la transition énergétique: OMEXOM Power & Grid du groupe VINCI ENERGIES, a retenu le logiciel SchemELECT pour ses agences dans les secteurs de la production, du transport, de la transformation et de la distribution de l’énergie.
Avec SchemELECT, OMEXOM réalise essentiellement des études électriques pour les énergies renouvelables (solaire, éolien, ...) pour des projets en France et à l'étranger. Elle utilise l’ensemble des fonctionnalités du logiciel SchemELECT : le synoptique, les schémas, les borniers et les câbles, les nomenclatures, l’interface automates et les implantations en armoire.
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AIR LIQUIDE equips itself with

SchemPID software

Air liquide Advanced Technologies, world leader in the field of gases and cryogenics for various industrial sectors (aeronautics, marine, space, science and industry), equips several design offices with SchemPID software to carry out piping and instrumentation studies, Bills of materials and the various lists for its skids.
Its expertise covers the following sectors:
  • Gas separation
  • Very low temperature refrigeration and gas liquefaction
  • Gas analysis and quality control
  • Gas treatment
  • Gas storage and distribution
The functional openness of SchemPID has made it possible to meet the requirements of the specifications of the various engineering offices and to integrate the files into the internal Technical Data Management system.
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Since 1987, the company ER INGENIERIE is specialized in the study, the design and the implementation of special machines, skids and industrial installations.
It has replaced its previous electrical schematic software with SchemELECT and has just acquired the SchemPID software developed by FTZ for piping and instrumentation drawings.
The electrical design department creates electrical and pneumatic diagrams for special machines in sectors such as food processing, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Nicolas M. from the design office explains his point of view on SchemELECT
"The strong points of SchemELECT are mainly:
  • its quality/price ratio compared to other electrical CAD software
  • its reliability, especially in terms of terminal block and wire management
  • its cabinet layout management module with 3D control
  • The simple and dynamic interface saves time and space by managing collisions in the cabinet"
He also gives his opinion on FTZ's maintenance service:
"The software support department is a real strength of the company. It is very responsive. Questions are dealt with very quickly, unlike the software used previously".
ER INGENIERIE also uses the SchemPID software. With SchemPID,it produces the piping plans of the skids by taking advantage of the automatic numbering functions with extraction of the various lists (equipment, piping elements, instruments, etc.).
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La société Cussons s'équipe

du logiciel SchemELECT

Cussons Technology Ltd est une société britannique spécialisée en technologie éducative. De la fabrication à la fourniture d'une gamme complète d'équipements mécaniques et de recherches scientifiques pour les universités, les instituts techniques et les établissements de formation à travers le monde.


Monsieur Simon D., ingénieur électrique principal, explique :
"Cussons utilise SchemELECT pour la création de tous les dessins de conception électrique pour nos produits allant des bancs de tests d'instruments de laboratoires à des installations de recherche entières. Nous avons choisi SchemELECT pour sa flexibilité et la facilité d'utilisation, il convient à nos spécifications de représentation des plans et c' est une aide majeure au développement de nos produits. Il nous permet de nous adapter rapidement à des schémas existants ou à des exigences particulières de nos clients. Le service support du logiciel est très professionnel, rapide et précis. De plus, c'est une place d'échanges pour soumettre de nouvelles idées."
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The PROPLAST group has become a major player in the plastics industry. Its subsidiary MECAPACK is specialized in the construction of packaging machines.
This company is mainly active in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. It has several subsidiaries abroad, notably in the United Kingdom and Benelux.


Mr. Sébastien C., from the electrical design department, says :
SchemELECT has imposed itself on our company MECAPACK by differentiating itself from its competitors through its flexibility and adaptability. In the past, we used a competitor's software that was less adapted to our needs. Today, with the SchemELECT solution proposed by FTZ, we can manage our electrical diagrams and configurations by options without any additional cost, contrary to competing proposals.
The SchemELECT software allows us to create the electrical diagrams required for the manufacture of our machines. It has several advantages, including the management of Bills of materials for automatic machine options. SchemELECT also allows us to manage the collision of different faces during the implantation of cabinets, making them more compact.
Furthermore, the software can be formatted as desired and truly meets our needs through its flexibility and customisation. Both the training and the maintenance service offered by FTZ combine responsiveness with a friendly welcome. Prior to the FTZ training, we were familiar with the basic functions of SchemELECT. During the training, we learned to use more advanced functions, which made us more productive.
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La société Novacarb s'équipe

du logiciel SchemELECT

La société NOVACARB du groupe NOVACAP est principalement spécialisée dans la production et la commercialisation de carbonate de sodium et de bicarbonate de sodium.
Ces produits sont utilisés dans divers domaines, notamment l’industrie pharmaceutique, l’agroalimentaire, le cosmétique et la verrerie. La clientèle de NOVACARB s’étend à toute l’Europe.


Monsieur Michel A., chargé d’affaires au Bureau d’Etudes, indique :
L’utilisation antérieure d’un logiciel de DAO était devenue obsolète, d’où la nécessité d’en changer. Nous nous sommes alors tournés vers un logiciel de CAO électrique performant, SchemELECT.
Au Bureau d’Etudes, nous gérons tous les types de travaux neufs et réalisons les études complètes. Pour ce faire, nous utilisons SchemELECT afin d’insérer les modifications nécessaires aux installations existantes.
Nous faisons également sous traiter une partie des projets.
Le service maintenance Electricité, Instrumentation et Automatismes utilise, quant à lui, SchemELECT pour réaliser des migrations d’automates en exploitant les anciens schémas et en y apportant des modifications.
Le logiciel SchemELECT, convivial et rapide, permet de réaliser des araignées en insérant toute l’installation sur un folio. En plus d’une bibliothèque de symboles précise, la praticité de ce logiciel facilite la création de nouveaux symboles.
De par ses fonctions automatisées telles que les références croisées ou les borniers par exemples, le logiciel SchemELECT est rapide à prendre en main.
La formation nous a permis d’appréhender l’utilisation et la configuration de SchemELECT mais comme pour tout produit, la pratique a été nécessaire pour le maîtriser parfaitement. Le service de maintenance de FTZ a pu transférer les plans de notre ancien logiciel dès l’acquisition de SchemELECT. De plus, un simple appel se solde toujours par une réponse adéquate.
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VertivグループはSchemELECTとFTZ PANEL 3D


VERTIV is a multinational company that supplies a wide range of technological products.


Mr. Hervé L., Products Implementation Manager, explains :
"Vertiv is a multinational company that requires software that is adapted and adaptable to our activity. Vertiv's decision making centre felt that SchemELECT was the most suitable software for the manufacture of our products. It was subsequently selected for our international subsidiaries as well.
The FTZ team made specific technical adaptations to best suit our needs, particularly in terms of the basic diagrams and numbering. These have allowed us to gain in productivity and quality at the level of the Design Office and manufacturing.
The SchemELECT software has major advantages :
  • its ease of use
  • its flexibility
  • Responsive support
SchemELECT is a software that integrates particularly well into our IT environment. t allows the schematic realisation of our products starting from standard files (specific to the products) which are then adapted according to the needs of our customers.
The contact with the FTZ service department is direct and easy for all specific requests, improvements or questions of use.
As the activities of VERTIV's subsidiaries in China and India are different, the training provided by FTZ has been adapted to the different needs.  
Following the training, an in-depth follow-up and technical support was set up between Vertiv and FTZ. "
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La société Savime s'équipe

du logiciel SchemELECT

La société SAVIME est spécialisée dans la construction de convoyeurs pour la manutention continue. Elle réalise des installations clés en mains pour le transport de différents produits dans plusieurs secteurs industriels (agro-alimentaire, chimique, automobile, pharmaceutique…). L’entreprise SAVIME compte parmi ses clients des PME ainsi que des groupes internationaux.


Monsieur Mathieu D., responsable du Bureau d’Etudes électriques explique :
« Nous avons acquis le logiciel SchemELECT car nous recherchions un logiciel plus ergonomique et plus convivial que la solution que nous avions auparavant. Nous voulions également un logiciel plus adapté à nos besoins : la construction d’armoires électriques et d’automatismes dans le secteur industriel. SchemELECT a su répondre à ces attentes et s’adapte à notre manière de travailler.
Nous n’utilisons pas le logiciel quotidiennement mais, de par son ergonomie et sa facilité d’utilisation, il est simple de le reprendre en main rapidement. C’est également un logiciel technique et intuitif.
FTZ propose également un service de maintenance, par mail et par téléphone. Par ces deux moyens, ce service est réactif car nous obtenons réponses à nos interrogations très rapidement.
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La société Clemessy s'équipe

du logiciel SchemELECT

Au sein de la branche Energie du groupe Eiffage,  l’un des leaders européens du BTP et des concessions, le groupe Clemessy conçoit, intègre, installe et maintient des systèmes et équipements en génie électrique et génie mécanique.
Son département Tabelec est spécialisé dans la conception et la réalisation de tableaux électriques. Ce département a pour clients des entreprises Grands Comptes situées en France et à l’étranger (EDF, CNES, …) avec des besoins dans les domaines de l’électricité et de la machinerie.

Il y a environ 10 ans, l’évolution du marché de la société a nécessité l’utilisation d’un logiciel de Conception Assistée par Ordinateur. Le but était de réaliser des armoires électriques de manière plus automatisée qu’avec le logiciel de DAO utilisé par Tabelec.


Cédric P, Responsable du Bureau d’Etudes au sein de Tabelec explique que :
« Le choix pour SchemELECT s’est fait suite à plusieurs présentations de logiciels à différents services. SchemELECT était et reste celui qui répond le mieux à nos besoins et à notre utilisation.

SchemELECT est utilisé par une quinzaine de personnes au sein du service Tabelec pour la réalisation d’armoires électriques mais également dans d’autres agences du groupe Clemessy. Il est un des logiciels retenus par le groupe lorsque les clients n’imposent pas un autre produit de CAO.

Ce logiciel nous convient, d’autant plus qu’on a la possibilité de l’adapter à notre manière de travailler. Plusieurs avantages importants sont également proposés et notamment : une facilité dans la gestion des indices, la disposition de bases communes (utilisées pour la centralisation des informations de développement), l’intelligence dans la création de schémas électriques (gestion automatique des nomenclatures, des borniers et des câbles).

FTZ nous a dispensé des sessions de formation dédiées de 5 jours qui conviennent très bien, même pour des personnes qui ne connaissent pas particulièrement les logiciels. Elles ont été bénéfiques pour une prise en main rapide et optimisée.
Concernant le service de maintenance, les échanges sont directs avec l’équipe FTZ et nous obtenons toujours des réponses rapides aux différentes interrogations. »
Plus d’informations sur le département Tabelec du groupe Clemessy :

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The company NGSO SPIDER equips itself with

SchemBAT software

NGSO SPIDER is one of the leaders in the field of electrical prefabrication thanks to the concept of pre-wiring called electrical octopus or spider. It offers solutions for the housing and tertiary sectors for professionals and individuals.
This activity requires CAD software to carry out studies of electrical octopuses and to prepare for manufacture. After a comparative study and to replace its software which was no longer evolving, the company SPIDER turned to FTZ and more particularly the  SchemBAT Octopus software to carry out this activity.


Mr. Lionel L, designer in the Electrical Design Office, says that :
«SchemBAT Octopus is a software well adapted to our activity. It is easy to use, especially in terms of lengths, lengths and choice of wire colours,... . It has an advantage with its automated functions such as measurements for example.
When we acquired the software, we received a 3-day training session that was complete and focused on our needs. On the other hand, as soon as I come across a specific case to be dealt with, I contact the FTZ maintenance department who respond instantly and provide a quick solution."
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IFP Energies nouvelles equips itself with

SchemPID software

L’IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major parapublic player in research and innovation. Its areas of expertise cover the fields of energy, transport and the environment.
In its various establishments, IFPEN develops and maintains the numerous Piping and Instrumentation files of its "pilot" plants with the SchemPID software developed by the FTZ company.
SchemPID allows them to create and modify diagrams enriched with information on piping, piping elements, instruments, equipment, etc.
SchemPID  also allows the automatic extraction of all the numerous lists necessary for the operation and maintenance of the pilots and for the certifications of the control bodies.
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La société Noreade s'équipe

du logiciel SchemELECT

NOREADE représente la régie intercommunale de l’eau la plus importante de France avec environ 700 communes.
Noréade garantit :
  • la construction
  • l'exploitation
  • la rénovation
  • l'amélioration des équipements d'eau potable et d'assainissement
Pour gérer les différents équipements électriques de ses installations, elle utilise plusieurs licences du logiciel SchemELECT.
Pour les Travaux Neufs, le Bureau d’Etudes interne réalise des dossiers électriques très complets, du schéma à la disposition du matériel dans les armoires en 3 dimensions. Les armoires sont le plus souvent câblées dans un atelier interne.
SchemELECT est également utilisé pour l’exploitation de Maintenance par la fourniture documentaire lors des différentes interventions préventives ou curatives sur les différents sites.
Plus d’informations sur NOREADE :