Integration of calculations and sizing of your electrical installations in SchemELECT and SchemBAT software

The new partnership between BBS and FTZ now provides a complete solution for for the study of tertiary or industrial installations.

The safety calculations are performed with LISE™ software in accordance with NFC 15-100, NF EN 60909-0 and C15-500. They define the protections, the power balance, the cable sections, ...

The results of these calculations are directly integrated into the electrical CAD software of the FTZ suite. The SchemELECT and SchemBAT software complete the files with the layout of the devices, the building wiring, the single or multi-wire diagrams, the control - command, the terminal blocks and cable books, the layout of the electrical cabinets, ...

The calculations also apply to photovoltaic installations according to the guide C15-712.1.

In summary, the integration of LISE and the SchemELECT and SchemBAT suite brings :

  • The chaining of all studies: calculations, developed diagrams, cabinets
  • Elimination of retyping errors
  • The significant decrease in the overall length of study.

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Interface suite Schem et Lise  BBS


FTZ's CAD software is also used in communities

In Paris, Nice, Grenoble and Lyon, more and more local authorities are taking back control of their water and sanitation services. These services, which were previously subcontracted, are being transformed into public utilities. The desire of elected officials is to regain control and and thus achieve economies of scale, improve the quality of the installations, and integrate new technologies.

This phenomenon is also increasingly found in the related sectors of energy and the environment: waste treatment and recovery, biogas, district heating, thermal power plants, ...

On the other hand, the management of buildings (convention center, swimming pool, MJC, gymnasium, school, ...) is also taken into account by the elected officials, with important investments for new buildings or for renovations integrating by the elected officials, with important investments for new buildings or for renovations integrating energy energy efficiency for example.

FTZ takes its place with the supply of its software to communities:

  • SchemELECT : industrial electrical CAD software for the water, sanitation and energy sectors...
  • SchemPID : CAD software in piping and instrumentation for waste treatment and recovery, biogas projects, heating networks, ...
  • SchemBAT : Electrical CAD and BIM software for buildings

Faced with this increase in activity, the new works and maintenance departments of local authorities are increasingly integrating FTZ's business software, which is better suited to their needs than general-purpose software.



FTZ and the Nancy Porte Sud association

The association Nancy Porte Sud is an A.T.P (an Association, a Territory, a Project) of the Grand Nancy Metropolis with the objective of promoting the shops and companies of the area.

It periodically organizes mornings with the intervention of a specialist, on a current topic related to the companies.

On March 06, 2022, it was at the headquarters of FTZ that the business leaders of the association Nancy Porte Sud were welcomed on the topic "Waste management".

Logiciel SchemELECT V15


Official launch of version 15 of SchemELECT !!!

Version 15 of the SchemELECT software is now being released.

Always with the aim of optimizing electrical studies, the company FTZ has started the distribution of version 15 of the electrical CAD software SchemELECT.

The development team has worked hard to make this new version available. It provides, among other things, a new "skin" with a modern design and a new graphics engine displaying display performance and unprecedented fluidity.

This version also includes many new features in the different parts of the software: libraries, electrical diagram, lists and bills of materials, wire numbering, terminal blocks…

Its distribution, initially in French, should completed by the end of 2022.

There is no doubt that these new features will satisfy both current and future users.

Logiciel SchemELECT V15