Official launch of version 15 of SchemELECT !!!

Version 15 of the SchemELECT software is now being released.

Always with the aim of optimizing electrical studies, the company FTZ has started the distribution of version 15 of the electrical CAD software SchemELECT.

The development team has worked hard to make this new version available. It provides, among other things, a new "skin" with a modern design and a new graphics engine displaying display performance and unprecedented fluidity.

This version also includes many new features in the different parts of the software: libraries, electrical diagram, lists and bills of materials, wire numbering, terminal blocks…

Its distribution, initially in French, should completed by the end of 2022.

There is no doubt that these new features will satisfy both current and future users.

Logiciel SchemELECT V15


FTZ company at BIM WORLD show

on 5 and 6 April 2022

FTZ will be exhibiting at BIM World 2022, on 05 and 06 April 2022 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles Hall 4 Stand G19.
FTZ present the following new products:
  • SchemBAT software linked to the FTZ-BIM module for the integration of the electrical part and the prefabricated octopus with the BIM model.
  • The BIM functions applied to industrial sites and linked to the SchemELECT electrical CAD software.
  • The Augmented Reality product SchemBAT Reality applied to buildings wiring with or without the BIM model.
More information on our website


Alongside this exhibition, the show host numerous conferences and workshops on related subjects: renovation, digital transformation, decarbonisation, etc...


The "Low Carbon Solutions" exhibition also take place in parallel with the Bim World exhibition.


For more information on the exhibition:

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SchemBat BIM



FTZ and the rise of

the "industry BIM"

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is particularly known for projects in the construction sector.
It is now the turn of the industrial sector to be inspired by construction.
The model finds its equivalent BIM for the industry or PIM model for Plant Information Model. It consists of establishing a digital model of the industrial site that federates the information of the various stakeholders during the different phases of the plant: design, maintenance and operation.


As with building modeling, the design office creates digital twins in the form of 3-D models of industrial sites. BIM integrates the technical and functional information of the various participants. This data enriches a unified technical and documentary base, which facilitates the interactions of the various participants.


This is a major step in the transformation of factories into Industry 4.0. FTZ has specialized for many years in the publishing of CAD software for electricity and piping. It had already carried out the integration of the BIM model with the SchemBAT software for wiring studies in the tertiary sector or housing.


From now, FTZ has interfaced the software dedicated to industrial electricity, SchemELECT, and the BIM models with the following main functions:
  • Reading the model (with REVITTM or in interoperable IFC or open BIM format)
  • The representation and calculation of cable trays
  • Cabling and routing of cables
  • Extraction of the cable book
  • The writing in the model of the pathways, equipment and cables
SchemELECT allows you to go on to detailed studies of electromechanical installations: single or multi-wire diagrams, terminal blocks, PLC cards, cabinets, etc.





FTZ is since January 2022 certified Qualiopi

for the category of training activities

Qualiopi is an official certification that allows training companies to attest that the quality of their service complies with the requirements of the national quality reference system.
After a thorough audit by the organization, we obtained the quality certification for the following category of actions: Training actions.
If you would like to know more about the training courses for our electrical and piping CAD software, please visit our FTZ Training Centre