Implantation and wiring

The support, in the form of architect's plans in AutoCAD™, BIM or digital format, is automatically loaded into a
SchemBAT layer. The plans can be in different formats from A4 to A0.
SchemBAT's integrated graphic editor allows you to customize all the libraries: devices, backgrounds, cartridges (logos, attributes, etc.), cover pages.
You can also create free drawings or the architectural plan with complete and simple tools for geometry, texts, hatches, dimensions, construction lines, graphic layers...
The business functions are as follows:
  • Implantation of devices on the graphic layer (lights, sockets,...)
  • Identification of the graphic elements already present (lights, sockets, etc.)
  • Implantation of distribution panels and junction boxes.
  • Creation of pathways, sheaths
  • Wiring of luminaires, sockets, junction boxes and distribution panels
  • Wiring of low current devices
  • Assignment of elevation to a track, cable or device
  • Global or in-box change of graphics and/or equipment references
  • Realization of octopus
  • Automatic identification of equipment
  • Use standard plans to optimise and lighten the wiring design
  • Automatic legend creation