FTZ company also provided additional services related to our products:


Training on-site

or in-house

  • Training in a predefined session or personalized to take into account the customer's business
  • Different levels of training: user, expert, administrator


Start-up assistance,

telephone support

  • specific settings and questions
  • Hot-line highly qualified and responsive available during office hours


Expertise, advice and methodology,

optimize earnings

  • Review of specialists / experts on specific questions
  • Proposal of optimization methods


Studies service, technical drawings,

data transfer, delegation of people

  • Subcontract services or package
  • Working full time, part time or occasional


Specific developments on specification,

gateways to other software

  • Link with ERP or PLM
  • Functions for automatically generating schemas or implantation
  • Developments related to the context of your studies
  • Development of macros (VBA or macro-language