Integration of calculations and sizing of your electrical installations in SchemELECT and SchemBAT software

The new partnership between BBS and FTZ now provides a complete solution for for the study of tertiary or industrial installations.

The safety calculations are performed with LISE™ software in accordance with NFC 15-100, NF EN 60909-0 and C15-500. They define the protections, the power balance, the cable sections, ...

The results of these calculations are directly integrated into the electrical CAD software of the FTZ suite. The SchemELECT and SchemBAT software complete the files with the layout of the devices, the building wiring, the single or multi-wire diagrams, the control - command, the terminal blocks and cable books, the layout of the electrical cabinets, ...

The calculations also apply to photovoltaic installations according to the guide C15-712.1.

In summary, the integration of LISE and the SchemELECT and SchemBAT suite brings :

  • The chaining of all studies: calculations, developed diagrams, cabinets
  • Elimination of retyping errors
  • The significant decrease in the overall length of study.

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