The Sécheron company is equipped with

FTZ-Panel 3D software

Sécheron is one of the world's leading suppliers of electrical and electronic components for the supply of direct current traction systems for rail transport.
Sécheron has equipped its design offices with the new FTZ-Panel 3D solution for the design of electrical cabinets for its substations.
FTZ-Panel 3D complements the mechanical part created with SolidworksTM and the electrical diagrams created with SchemELECT. FTZ-Panel 3D uses the component and wire lists extracted from the SchemELECT electrical file. FTZ-Panel 3D performs the implantation of the components in the cabinets and the routing of the wires in 3 dimensions. This data is then fed to a KOMAXTM machine for automatic wire cutting and labelling. The workshop recovers the bundles and carries out the wiring of the electrical cabinets.


Olivier D. from Sécheron's electrical engineering department explains:
"FTZ-Panel 3D has enabled us to reintegrate the cabinet implantations into the electrical design office. The direct link with the studies carried out on SchemELECT allows us to set up the implantation of the various components very quickly and without error.
The wire routing algorithm gives the list of wire lengths which is then transmitted to the KOMAXTM machine to prepare the bundles for the workshop."
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