LEGC innovates in the world of HVAC

with the design of DIGITAL TWINS

The LEGC company is specialised in climatic engineering. For several years, it has been using general 2D and 3D CAD software. Since the beginning of 2020, it has been equipped with the business software suite supplied by FTZ.
This software suite allows the company to quickly create the digital twins of its future HVAC installations:
  • SchemBAT carries out the implantation of the equipment on the building plans
  • SchemPID carries out the piping and instrumentation studies
  • SchemELECT creates the multi-wire electrical diagrams, control and automation
  • FTZ-Panel 3D creates 3D electrical cabinets, wiring and cable routing on the installation
  • FTZ-Wiring Assistant allows production management and workshop wiring follow-up


J. M. de LEGC comments :
"The integration of the FTZ, software suite has enabled us to industrialise our HVAC process very quickly. The studies are fast and the CAD tools are adapted to our HVAC business. The data is provided in a structured manner. All of this data is used for the different phases of our projects, for the study, workshop follow-up and commissioning."
More information on : https://legc.fr



Plan of a boiler room made with SchemELECT and FTZ-Panel 3Dnews legc schemelect cao