The Avignon City Centre testifies of its 10 years of experience

in the use of the SchemBAT software

The Avignon City Centre and more particularly the energy department, within the buildings department, manage all the electrical plans of the different buildings of the city. To succeed in their missions, they are equipped with the SchemBAT software.


The Project Manager of the City Centre explains why they chose SchemBAT:


"Ten years ago, we put out a invitation to tender with specifications to find the software best suited to our business for the production of electrical diagrams. After a comparison, we decided on SchemBAT, which met and still meets our requirements in terms of functionality and performance.
Indeed, SchemBAT is a skilful software that allows us to cover all our needs without wasting time. Thanks to this electrical CAD software, I can design wiring plans, update the plans provided by our service providers, set up equipment, manage single-line diagrams, even draw switchboards, etc.
For the handling, I followed a complete training with a competent and pedagogical teacher. Since then, I produce all the electrical documentation directly on SchemBAT. I no longer need to use third-party software to carry out the various projects entrusted to me."
  Avignon City Centre