The education sector trains students with SchemBAT software

The URMA PACA campus of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts brings together many training courses for building from CAP to BAC+3.
The Digne-les-Bains CFAR branch provides apprenticeship training for the CAP and BP (Professional Certificate) of the electrical subsidiary.
The establishment has obtained licenses for the electrical CAD software SchemBAT to train students in good practices in the building electricity sector.

Teacher, Franck Q. testifies:
We selected the SchemBAT software for our electrical sector, because it seemed to us the most complete both for the educational aspect and for the job.

After training at FTZ in the use of the SchemBAT software, our teachers in turn train the students on concrete projects: From the plan of a house, they design a standardized electrical installation on SchemBAT: layout, wiring, diagram and cabinet.
They define high currents/low currents and add KNX home automation devices for energy management, lights, shutters, ...
Then they put their electrical studies into practice, by wiring a 3D cell with false ceilings, walls and floor.

SchemBAT allows them to use electrical installation design software in real conditions, in the same way as if they were in a professional environment.

Other establishments have also chosen the SchemBAT software: High schools, CFA, CFAI, CFAR…

More information on the URMA PACA campus :

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